[DAO:70f5be2] Translate Decentraland and DAO Documentation into Multiple Languages

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Should the problem/opportunity outlined be refined and taken to the next level?

Problem Statement

Currently, all the Decentraland and DAO documentation is in English, which can be challenging for those who are not proficient in the language. They may miss crucial information or find the platform difficult to navigate. By translating these documents into various languages, we can make Decentraland and DAO more accessible to everyone, regardless of their preferred language.

Proposed Solution

  • Work with the Community to identify the languages for translation.

  • Initiate a Bids Selection process to secure a professional translation team.

  • After the translations are completed, share them with the Community for feedback, and then make necessary adjustments based on their suggestions.

Target Audience/Customer Base

The proposed solution targets non-English speaking Decentraland and DAO members, including but not limited to, gamers, creators, developers, enthusiasts, delegates, investors, and artists. These users need access to accurate, easily understandable documentation in their native languages to avoid misinterpretation of information and to engage more deeply with the Decentraland ecosystem. Offering documentation in multiple languages could also attract new users previously deterred by language barriers.

Why is this relevant now?

Translating the Decentraland and DAO documentation into multiple languages will help us connect with more global users who might be limited by language barriers. This initiative could also provide an advantage against other platforms that might already offer, or be planning to offer, multilingual support.

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As you may know the Bidding and Tendering Flow is a process for the DAO to agree and allocate resources to strategic projects, make a public call for bids, and later decide on the best provider for the job.

I believe this initiative is of strategical importance and will bring value to whole Decentraland ecosystem. I saw similar poll in DAO and included its creator as a co-author.

I am not planning to be executor of this proposal, thanks to “Bidding and Tendering Flow” nature:

An important goal of this process is to enable any member of the community to propose a project without the requirement of being the main executor of it.

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@web3nit The community is voting for you to be the executer Lol! This is great man! Love it!

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Haha thanks :cowboy_hat_face: But I am not pro in it and have no time for this. I think there are many other, talented Community members and studios that can make it happen.

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So this would create a “job” so to speak for people or businesses to bid on for the task? I agree this should be done. i also like the idea of people making bids to ensure we get a reasonable fee for such a task. We have Spanish, Portuguese, Arabian, Turkish, Italian, German, Chinese communities formed and more being formed. I’m curious how that process would work if this passes. I’m guessing the information is available somewhere.


This is something I’ve been looking for in a while, good initiative.

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Ill do turkish and dutch no worries who is going to upload the texts?

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Community / DAO Dev Team / Third Party (Winning Bidder Team), depending on Tender terms.



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Yes! I was just speaking with Taka from MetaTokyo today, and he wishes the DCL platform in world was able to be in Japanese. So there’s definitely a need for this.


I’ve always seen this as an issue. Brazil has a population of 214 million people, and according to the latest British Council research, only 5% of Brazilians state that they speak English.

I created this mockup of the DAO homepage translated into Portuguese:

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Translate Decentraland and DAO Documentation into Multiple Languages

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 98% 5,091,729 VP (81 votes)
  • No 1% 1 VP (1 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 23 VP (4 votes)