[DAO:59ff783] Create new Grant Revocation Category for DAO

by 0xd4f1cab694c4424c4796549edbb9b489789f4df5 (TudaMoon)


Currently, a grant is passed in 1 round of voting by the DAO. However, if the DAO wants to revoke the grant, it takes 3 rounds of voting through the governance system.


Revocation Category

Create a category specific for the DAO to revoke grants. This category would require only 1 round of voting to revoke a grant. Once a grant is revoked by the DAO, the grant cannot be reinstated. The author of the proposal to revoke must include a detailed reasoning and evidence.

Category Requirements

Voting Period: 168 hours (7 days).
Quorem: 4 Million VP
Submission Threshold: 1,000 VP

Repetitive Submissions

One proposal to revoke a specific grant can only be submitted successfully once per 30 days. This amount of attempts to revoke criteria is only applies to this process and does NOT effect the Grant Support Squad or Revocation Committee process. The revocation proposal CANNOT be submitted by it’s own grantee or team member of the grant. If the proposal does not meet Quorem, it does not count as a successful submission to revoke and therefore can be submitted again.

Passed Revocations

If the Grant Revocation is successfully passed, it would immediately pause the vesting contract. The Grantee would be deemed ineligible for re-applying for a similar grant in the future. The grantee can apply for a new grant that is different in nature in the future as it does NOT forbid all grants from that grantee.

Denied Revocations

If the Grant Revocation proposal successfully meets quorem, but fails to pass the proposal. The grant would continue as usual. No Grant Revocation proposal for that specific grant can be made for another 30 days. The grantee, however cannot use this process as an excuse for shortfalls on their project updates.

Funds given to Grantee

Funds that are already given out to the grantee, cannot be recovered by the DAO. However, the DAO can require payments to be distributed to non-grant participants.

For example, if the grant says they plan to reward a prize of $1000 to the winner of a tournament which is specified in the original grant. The grantee must use any funds recieved to pay for the winner of that tournament. All funds that are not for the grantee and are for users of Decentraland get first priority of payment.

If the grantee fails to pay the non-grantee participants after being revoked, they shall be banned from all Discords, Forums and Decentraland related events where possible. If the grantee pays the non-grantee participants, then their bans will be lifted and they will be allowed to return. In the unusual circumstance where the DAO pays the funds to the non-grantee participants of the grant on behalf of the grant, the grantee of that grant must instead pay the DAO back in order for bans to be lifted.

Additional Clarifications

This does NOT remove power from the Grant Support Squad or Revocations Committee. This simply gives an alternate option or process for the DAO to revoke grants in a decentralized form.


If passed, this would create a new process and new voting category for the DAO to be able to revoke grants in a decentralized manner.

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@web3nit Can you share what options I should have included or what makes this invalid?

Instead of revoking grants in one step we should create more steps before awarding a grant… I agree that one round of voting is not enough and furthermore, that there is not nearly enough discussion around grant projects before they are approved.

Great suggestion! Will you make that proposal?

There are other, more pressing things that need to be worked out imo before we move on to this stage of restructuring the grants program. Any new proposals have to take into consideration the new direction of the DAO, which we do not yet know.

Hey Tuda, I have suggested prior that we need to have more than one round when voting on grants. It takes more steps to revoke a grant than it does to hand out money. My suggestion is to look at how we vote on grants in the first place. I have and would suggest creating a first round of 5 days for discussion and then based around community sentiment the grant requestor should move forward or restructure before resubmitting the request. I am going to vote NO on this, but I get where you are coming from. As it is now, someone who is requesting a grant and is denied they have what IMO looks like a “negative mark” on their grant request history. With my suggestion that first 5 days would not count toward that.

Great I am excited to see what proposals you bring forward!

Thanks for the feedback!

Create new Grant Revocation Category for DAO

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • For 37% 200,562 VP (10 votes)
  • Against 2% 14,448 VP (4 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 61% 320,528 VP (15 votes)