[DAO:50d0c93] Update #5 for proposal "Duel Arena Development Changing Category ( Re- Proposal )"

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Update Status: On Time
Project Health: :yellow_circle: At Risk


Hello everyone here is our Duel Arena Update, we have put the project update currently AT RISK, because our grant is paused. We agreed on Tuesday when we failed punlishing the project to the parcel, this was totally understandable, We got our second chance to on a thursday right away, where we showcased the first playtest succesfully.


During the playtest, we encountered some minor issues with the game. These issues included instances where trees failed to spawn, the surrender option didn’t properly conclude battles, players could overlap with enemies during combat, and enemy animations would occasionally continue indefinitely. However, apart from these glitches, the playtest proved to be quite successful. Players were able to complete parkour challenges, collect essences, gather and craft resources, participate in battles, and select from the available skills, all of which functioned correctly. The leaderboard operated as intended and consistently updated.

In line with our commitments as outlined on the roadmap, we’ve successfully completed everything except for the release of wearables, which is already finished and tested but awaits publication.

We adhered to our plan by releasing the 8 Fire skills this month, and we even released the 8 Air Skills ahead of schedule to enhance the game.


We have deployed a newer version of the battle where you can see clear blood on enemy & self meaning when damage is done the animation will be shown, Since Decentraland doesn’t support hovering over UI we were creative enough to make a skillcard meaning when you click on a skill you will see exactly what the skill does, how much energy it costs, what the cooldown is & the distance of the reach.

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What Has Been Completed Now:

  • 8 Fire skills have been completed and deployed.
  • 8 Air skills have been completed and deployed.
  • Enemy animations have been fixed.
  • A blood effect has been added to play when the enemy is attacked.
  • The tree bug has been resolved, and trees are now spawning correctly.
  • A playtest report has been created and posted in the Discord channel.
  • The surrender loop issue has been resolved.
  • A tutorial video for the game has been produced.
  • Smart wearables are disabled on the estate.
  • ( Bot ) was added behind the names of the AI to know wether it is a online player or not.
  • Graveyard bug fixed, It only showcased the last 2 battles because our test profiles were causing some troubles with this.
  • Fixed an issue with logging correctly after changing your username.
  • Added an extra UI update check to fix the Energy update issue in a battle.
  • Added a button for end your turn manually if you decide to not walk or not use a skill.
  • Now able to skip your turn 3 times without being kicked from the battle.


Playtest Results

On our playtest we noticed that we needed to do alot of refinement based on information providing, most of the players asked what to do ingame and that it was not clear we also faced a few glitches which were fixed directly after the testing thursday.

Why Is Our Project at Risk:

We anticipate a two-month vesting period for a total of 25,000 DAI. Unpausing the vesting contract is essential for the project’s sustainability. We must compensate our Managers, Community Manager, Developers, and Designers for their significant time and effort invested in this project. Without Marketing, Maintenance, Refinement, Managers, Moderators, and Designers, an entirely coded and deployed project has limited value.

We initially agreed to pause the Test Tuesday of the GSS because of the following reasons they raised:

*Difficulty in locating the parcel where the game was allocated.

  • Unpreparedness of the battle mode.
  • The game not functioning correctly for testing.

And all the questions raised were answered on friday.

However, following Friday ( after the succesful test ), the GSS insisted that we wait until Monday for a final decision based on community feedback.

Despite 1-2 testers expressing dissatisfaction, the majority of community members were pleased with the game. We are confident that the GSS will consider this in their decision for their next recommendation. Regardless of the outcome, however we do not agree to discontinue this project after the DAO has already invested over 66% of the project’s funds.

We’d like to emphasize that our project has been challenging to develop in Decentraland. However, this should not be misconstrued as an inability to fulfill our promises outlined in the roadmap. We’ve successfully delivered on all our commitments, and you can witness this by testing the game at coordinates 97,-116.

Next steps

As everything of the base code of this game is finished there is nothing else to do other then refining the game.

  • We are going to develop informational NPC that will explain the game based on the raised questions by the community during the playtest.
  • We are going to enhance the battle matchmaking with .
  • Some triangles, materials and textures are going to get reworked this will improve the scene performance.
  • The AI can walk out of the map that is currently going to get fixed as soon as possible.
  • We are going to make a start converting from SDK6 to SDK7.
  • We are going to work on buffing & nerfing some skills & energy.
  • Energy UI in battle isn’t currently updating on the front end, this will be updated.
  • Our moderator team is going to weekly test the game all together to find bugs and check if current updates are functioning accordingly.
  • Fixing small bug where you still can see walking arrows from a previous match.
  • After the Unpause we are going to publish the wearables.

Additional notes and links

Playtest Report

We posted our Playtest - report PDF in the discord channel:
of #duel arena or here playtest-report | Duel Arena P2E

Play & Test the game here:

View this update on the Governance dApp