[DAO:4db012b] metaCinema and AI Lounge to watch metaKnyts and affiliate's CryptoGraphic Movies

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We are excited to bring metaKnyts, the world’s first CryptoComic (originally minted on chain in 2019) to life in Decentraland through our metaCinema and AI Lounge. metaCinema will create a state-of-the-art virtual cinema and AI lounge within Decentraland where users can gather to watch metaKnyts and other affiliate’s films and engage with each other and the lounge’s AI, to learn more about the saga, its lore and the metaVerse more generally. metaCinema will be designed to replicate the atmosphere of a luxury traditional cinema, complete with lush seating, high-quality audio visual equipment and a social environment for viewers to interact and discuss films not only with each other but also with the saga’s AI enabled chatbot post viewing.

Grant size

65,000 USD in DAI

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


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metaKnyts is a multi-episodic multi format luna punk saga on the evolution of the metaVerse and decentralized technology. It is the tale of the rise of a new social, economic, and political paradigm underpinned by new technologies that enable freedom, self-sovereignty and social evolution through decentralized money, decentralized information and decentralized AI.

Its prime purpose is to teach people about the crypto movement particularly as it relates to our human rights and natural freedoms and the role that technology can play in protecting those rights, so people can be awakened to this and take action by becoming ‘Krypto Active’.

metaKnyts take place across three realms, Terra, its digital twin DigiTerra and metaTerra where Terra and Digiterra converge. DigiTerra and Terra have been overrun by FANG and BAT psychic vampires who are at war with each other for control of both realms. Both operate in secret behind large corporations. Both suck data from people’s digital twins in Digiterra and use it to enslave and control them in Terra. Data is the primal energy of Digiterra. Both FANGs and BATs are in a race to achieve AI supremacy with the aim of dominating both realms in perpetuity. The metaKnyts who emerge from the Cyphapunks led by a mysterious sage Satoshi aim to thwart these efforts ushering in a new paradigm of human centric technology and AI.

metaKnyts has a vibrant community of over 3,500 investors who invested over $1.2m in its Reg CF campaign. It has a rich lore and storyworld, a portfolio of collectible and AI enabled media, a multi-player video game and a catalog of over 13 animated episodes constituting over three hours of content to be shown in a series of films in the proposed metaCinema. By showcasing metaKnyts and its affiliates films in Decentraland, we aim to further immerse fans in the metaKnyts universe and foster a sense of community among its followers. Additionally, the metaCinema will serve as a platform for promoting and launching metaKnyts, affiliates and other metaVerse experiences across DCL serving as a platform for establishing partnerships, bringing our partners into DCL to reach wider audiences and expand their reach. Building on the successful completion of our story development we are now moving the project to its second phase of the metaVerse and AI.

We believe that this initiative aligns perfectly with the goals of the DCL DAO, as it promotes the growth and development of immersive entertainment experiences within Decentraland.

Roadmap and milestones

  1. Design 3D assets for the metaCinema and AI Lounge.
  2. Build the metaCinema and AI Lounge in Decentraland.
  3. Integrate AI and Streaming APIs to enhance the user experience.
  4. Implement token-gated ticketing and access for users.
  5. Test the platform to ensure functionality and stability.
  6. Market and promote the metaCinema and AI Lounge.
  7. Officially launch the project/ run first screenings

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metaCinema and AI Lounge to watch metaKnyts and affiliate’s CryptoGraphic Movies

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