[DAO:cfe1a65] Botanica crypto school: An educational course about the metaverses

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Launch of a special course on metaverses in our crypto school https://Botanicaschool.com. The educational program will be the second course in our school. The content will be recorded in Russian and English. Training will be available to both our regular customers and new ones. The grant will be spent on the development of a methodological program, video recording (we assume an asynchronous learning format) and marketing communication of the product to the market.

Grant size

42,300 USD

Project duration

3 months

Beneficiary address


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My name is Tim Zinin, I am the founder of Botanica crypto school. We have been in existence since March 2022. We hold offline and online events to train specialists in web3 technologies. Among our teachers and partners are employees of such companies as Binance, Rarible, XDao, Coinbase, Kucoin and many others. Our team consists of 3 founders and 20 teachers and speakers. My personal experience consists of 18 years in marketing, of which 7 years I have been engaged in marketing communications of centralized crypto exchanges. You can read more about me here https://ae.linkedin.com/in/timzinin

The name Botanica comes from the Russian word БОТАТЬ (to make botany). In Russian slang it means “to learn lessons” or “to play a nerd”. We started this project because we want to help millions of Russian-speaking people (both Russians and Ukrainians) who find themselves in exile find a new job in the web3 sector. Our education is focused on future employment in companies operating in the blockchain industry.

During 2022 we held two offline campuses. Each campus consisted of 2 weeks of hardcore training: lectures, workshops and a hackathon. At the end of the training, our students defend their work to representatives of VC ( Afford capital and Garage syndicate). At the end of 2022, we launched an online education program. Now it includes 2 months of basic training for future employees of crypto companies. The program includes subjects:

blockchain theory
decentralized finance
legal part of crypto
marketing and communications
basics of cybersecurity
DAO basics.
NFT basics
We have the necessary infrastructure for education and active marketing of courses. Upon request, we can provide access to our existing course.

Our website: https://botanicaschool.com Our telegram community: Telegram: Contact @botanicacamp

We are requesting a grant to develop and improve our existing metaverse content. In our existing course, there are 2 lessons about the metaverses. Using existing content, we want to prepare a 1-month long educational course that will allow new users to immerse themselves in various aspects of the metaverse.

The course will address the following questions:

history of the metaverses
creating a business in the metaverses
legal basis for the operation of the metaverses
success stories
speakers will be invited from at least 3 different companies working daily with the metaverses.
blockchain and metaverses. How crypto connects the metaverses.
Our friends from the Maff.io company will participate as partners in the development of this brand new course.

Roadmap and milestones

Preparation phase (Month 1): -Course development and approval, including new topics and materials about metaverses

Creation of script for 12 educational videos about metaverses
Localization of the website into English and creation of a dedicated landing page
Marketing plan preparation and promotional materials design
Marketing phase (Month 2):

Video production
Marketing campaigns to attract students and increase audience reach
Participation in conferences and other events related to metaverses and blockchain for course promotion
Hosting webinars and online events to discuss metaverse-related topics and present our course
Regular updates and progress reports through social media, blogs, and our website
Training phase (Month 3):

Launch of the metaverse educational course for registered students
Hosting interactive sessions, workshops, and lectures from speakers of different metaverse-related companies
Gathering student feedback for course optimization and improvement
Final project report, including achievements and future plans

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Hi, thanks for your proposal. Currently voted “No” because I think the budget is too big. I am opened to reconsider my decision if it will be lower.

Upon request, we can provide access to our existing course.

Please provide access - web3nit@gmail.com.

Also have question - will the course be free or paid ?

pls check your mail in 5-10 min. There will bean access to meleton LMS, so you can explore our previous course. BTW check the part about Decentraland there!

Yes, the course it self will be paid, but we really want to make it affordable, so it will cost around $200 for 1 month course.

Regarding budget we can cut marketing costs.
But the key point is to have high quality videos, so we would like to keep the budget for video production

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Botanica crypto school: An educational course about the metaverses.

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • Abstain 8% 501,703 VP (18 votes)