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Should the following Tier 4: up to $60,000 USD, 6 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Community category be approved?


Dear DCL family.

I’m seeking funding today to get more polkadot related stuff BUITL in decentraland!

Grant size

55,000 USD

Beneficiary address


Email address



Decentraland <> Polkadot
Recently I’ve been building an educational platform to teach dcl users about the polkadot ecosystem:
(This platform can be used for other things but let me explain why polkadot is a great partnership)

There are over 30 parachains on polkadot. Each with their own tools, dapps, communities, founders, developers and financial ecosystems. A lot of these projects are building stuff that can be integrated into decentraland.

Later this month I will be doing an event to showcase https://talisman.xyz
(A non-profit metamask alternative that can already be used to log in to decentraland and access polkadot and ethereum data at the same time… -Drops mic- )

How this benefits Decentraland?
Over the next couple of months I will be hosting events for individual parachains. DCL will receive more attention from the polkadot community resulting in more active users through organic marketing and more tools being built for decentraland. Polkadot has around 15,000 active developers and I plan to reach out to as many as possible, to see if they are interested in contributing…
I’ve been involved in polkadot since 2016 and developed good relationships with a lot of polkadot/kusama brands. But with a new ecosystem being added every other week it is becoming hard to keep up with all the developer activity. So I want to bring them all together and show them why decentraland is the best metaverse on the market.

So what have we BUITL so far?
UNO (Which I will opensource)
A Quiz system for inputting/approving/viewing questions…
Maze (Ready for some paintball?)


What we want to build next?
1. So we want to allow cross chain transactions in-game from polkadot. This is considerably harder than polygon because most of polkadot is not EVM compatible. So our plan is to build a substrate pallet that can be added to an existing parachain like a piece of lego. Then we can work with the talisman code to build a kinda dot-connect (similar to the widely popular eth-connect) which should allow polkadot transactions in-game.
2. The quiz we’ve BUITL is a really good tool for education. I would like to get all of the dot communities to submit good questions and answers about their projects so that we can expand the consciousness of education. Things we would like to include are; NFTs, games, competitions, leaderboards and more. Sure, we’re open to suggestions.
3. Paintball
4. Once the above is completed we want to start working on a polkadot L2 in-game marketplace!


Butter#4840 - Been promoting DCL since launch. Doing events on my own since May 2020. With the most notable being Keep Networks hackathon in Sept 2020 which received 2.2m views from 50,000 unique addresses… Since then I’ve been doing smaller events for individual companies and projects.
Binh - WSS/Backend stuff. Can build anything.
Max - Graphic designer recently aquired. \

Roadmap and milestones

Currently I’ve spent about $25k on the quiz and UNO.
And it will take about $30k to build a substrate pallet and dot-connect.

Why proposal?
As you can see we’re hitting new development milestones every day. Up until now I have been paying for everything myself. Cross-chain transactions is something that everyone will benefit from and it doesn’t make sense to have to pay for everything myself.

So let’s get it BUITL!

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http://buitl.com[link in proposal is currently not working but is meant to forward to the decentraland scene…]

Wow, UNO in DCL - very cool! I like where this is going, especially the personal investment in building a product to prove the use case to base the proposal on instead of just something conceptual. I think the grant amount is reasonable for this work. Voting yes so that you may keep the momentum going on this.

@CarlFravel what you think about this one? We dont get to see you much.

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Yeah UNO was tough.
In my head it was such a simple game.
Making it opensource is better than making someone else suffer… :sweat_smile:
It can also be adapted for poker or something as well :+1:

Looks interesting. :slight_smile:

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I like the Polkadot ecosystem. One of the best scaling solutions in the crypto space .

Just remembered I have a video example of an EVM transaction for the shibuya network (astar testnet)

As a Polkadot holder and parachain participant, I’m excited to teach the world about this revolutionary (but sometimes confusing) project to understand. Breaking down the information into a game form is perfect, and LFG when these chains are unleashed :slight_smile:

There was a Polkadot sponsored event in Decentraland at coordinates 28,8, on December 4th, 2021. Was this event also ran by you, or was it a different activation?

Polkadot - Substrate integration and education - BUITL

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 98% 4,853,030 VP (68 votes)
  • No 2% 149,375 VP (11 votes)
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