[DAO:4821ae3] Information Preservation in Decentraland: A Historical Perspective

I thought this what something of which Unversed was supposed to be doing? Is that project dead @Tobik. This would be exactly something I would have thought would be included in Unversed and contributed by the community as such has been done already. Perhaps this person takes over Unversed? Or collab? Just throwing out ideas while asking questions. Thank you.

Appreciate the feedback @akasya.eth.

Thank you for the gesture @JasonX, appreciate it.

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Hey @Existential14, I have no affiliation with Tobik, nor is it my aim to take something over. But I am open to collaborating with anyone interested in advancing this idea.

Hey, Unversed is not dead. In fact, I’m still working on it behind the scenes.


Ok. Does this proposal relate to Unversed in anyway? Not affiliated or anything in that regards just in what it is proposing. It sounds very much like that was one of the purposes of Unversed as I saw it. Thank you.

I was just checking as it seems very similar to me and if it is, a collaboration I think would be best possibly. If they are somehow completly different, I am not seeing too much that is so looking for clarification. Thank you.

I don’t know the masterplan for unversed but I’m certainly available to talk.

When comparing Fandom to unversed, it ultimately comes down to the basics. Simple editing, SEO, infrastructure, trust and credibility, to name a few. Fandom excels in this regard in my opinion, offering a welcoming environment that allows individuals to effortlessly create, edit, share, be found and so on. The SEO aspect itself plays a pivotal role. Increased website traffic not only enhances user experience but also makes it easier for search engines to index and prioritize content. Fandom has a global website rank of #47 and a category rank of #1, with 781 million visits.

Having a wide variety of information on a well-established and credible website will potentially help to appeal towards new users, that just came across Decentraland for the first time, or look for something specific when coming over a search engine.

In regards of creating content, anyone can do it, see Wikipedia as prime example, but it generally depends on dedication and the availability of time. Regardless of the outcome of this proposal, I’m committed to establishing a comprehensive wiki on Fandom, just the time aspect will vary. In my humble opinion, the success of any wiki is a result of these vital elements.

Hi, thanks for your proposal. When I saw the proposal the first time, I immediately agree that this work was needed but my question is why the cost is $24k for 6 months? That is like $4k monthly (I assume you will split the amount with your collaborator) for putting things together which include collecting historical information, writing, maybe some design and initiate the wiki for DCL. As I understand , you don’t have all the information about DCL history and hence this won’t be a finished work, so this work will necessitate the collaboration of other people (are all those people who will fill the wiki, will they also get part of the $24k?) in order to even start it and to continue it after the 6 months. Instead, why you don’t just work for 1 month (you get paid the $4k that you are asking and initiate things, I don’t think initiating things will take you 6 months, and writing and collecting data, etc can be done by the DCL community for free in the wiki, everybody can/will contribute a little bit which is what will eventually happen as you will be working only for 6 months) and SHOW what you can do in one month (how many hours it took you to do what you did in that 1 month) and then let people in DCL decide through voting if what you are doing (collecting, writing, etc) has the proper correspondence to the $4k per month (maybe is more, maybe is less, not sure) that you are asking? If what you are doing is really requires the $4k per month, then, the community will support you with full awareness and with the proper finances (maybe even with more $ since this work is needed but $24k seems too much but as I said, why don’t you show your work first, that works that requires $4k per month) with an amount that is fair for the task? I would like to hear your thoughts/views. Thanks.

Thank you for your feedback, valid points.

I guess its fair to say that nobody on this planet has all the information stored in their mind. But I am around long enough to have partaken in/seen a lot of things happening, potentially more than the majority of Decentralands current community, since a lot joined after public launch or during 2021, with a crypto bull run. Whereas my involvement dates back to 2017 (debating if I should obtain LAND) and actively engaged since 2019. During my time with the Foundation, I had the privilege of assisting hundreds, if not thousands, of users with their questions and issues, providing detailed responses and supporting them with sources whenever available. And I will keep this nature for this wiki. I dont think it is a question of being able to write/or not, it is more of a question of dedication, commitment and eye of detail, since anyone can write.

In regards of a finished work. I would dare to say that a wiki is never truly finished and it remains a work in progress. It continually relies on the addition of new information until the platform becomes obsolete or receives no further updates, similar to old games or movies. The 1 month idea is a fair fact, which could be applied to several grants and concepts, to actually see the outcome and align with collected data or results. However, I see this initiative similar to Decentraland and the role of the Decentraland Foundation. While Decentraland is community-driven and ideally will be entirely taken over by individual contributors and the community itself, its currently not in a state where the Foundation could just vanish. I sense the same pattern on a wiki. The current structure of blogs and information we see in Decentralands ecosystem is a big variety, which seem unsteady. See the official docs. The Foundation takes care of them, while anyone could create a pull request for changes, people rather not do it, in case it might be outdated or incomplete. Putting one month time into such a project will potentially result in the same and never take off. As people generally dont feel the need to invest money or time into such things. I have seen several wiki sources which only have isolated contributors or the interest of contributors vanishes over time. It is normal behavior, we all have a life to live and different interests.

That being said, I cannot predict the future or when, or if, this wiki will be having more contributors and not me as main drive. But I would assume that the critical-mass of a wide variety of already secured information is easier to cross than relying solely on sporadic contributions. I will be the main contributor of this grant and reach out to folks when I encounter obstacles or require support. The matter of compensation itself is always complex within the context of the DAO. How much is someones work worth and how much does someone need to maintain their expenses. Until there is a unified DAO guide, that applies worldwide, based on the location you live and your circumstances, addressing these nuances, points of friction will likely persist.

Thank you to everyone who voted and shared their feedback.

I would like to ask if its possible to change the initial vesting contract address I stated. @HPrivakos advised me to sign a message with the address that created the proposal and state the new address: Ethereum Verified Signed Message Thank you.

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Information Preservation in Decentraland: A Historical Perspective

This proposal has been ENACTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xfb1afa4dc069ffb47b19dbee196045d508fcd5a2)

Vesting Contract Addresses: 0xDB01fce1BfC06BE519a527A754c58687317B2175

Hello DAO Committee (@HPrivakos @Tobik @rizk),

The GSS is requesting a preemptive pause on the Project’s contract, primarily because the contract is nearing completion with just one step left, yet the project requires an additional 2-3 weeks to fulfill all commitments.

This action is intended solely to encourage the project to catch up.


In the last week of June, we met with @Alias, who showed us the details of the project with all the content practically completed. You can check the last update too.

To request the closure of the contract, we asked him to share some Wiki metrics and to check the status of a blog that could potentially be published, as well as the pull requests that would add value to the official DCL documentation.

All of this was demonstrated in the End Report, and that is why we are requesting the DAO Committee (@HPrivakos @rizk @Tobik) to unpause the final step of the contract so we can formally close the grant.

Regardless, the grantee commits to continue updating the created Wiki and following up on the pull requests he has made.

Best regards and thank you!