[DAO:2f7d5f0] Extend the DAO Committee from 3 to 5 members

by 0xffac7fd045303112fdb28e9dace8e1334ad324c0 (eordano)

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Should we extend the DAO Committee to more than 3 members?


Extend the DAO Committee from the current 3 seats to a 5 member group.


The DAO Committee is a group of 3 semi-trusted individuals who have been selected by the community to hold keys in a multi-signature wallet and other mechanisms to enact decisions on the DAO.

This group is responsible for enacting any passed votes with a binding action, like funding a Grant, banning a name, adding or removing a POI, implementing a Governance proposal or adding a Catalyst node.

Adding a member to the Committee strictly increases the security of the DAO given that there are so few members.


Today, any member of the Committee can cancel a transaction initiated by another member on the On-Chain Aragon DAO. This means that full collusion of the Committee (or their absence over 24 hours) is required to empty the wallet. In other words, one honest participant is enough to prevent collusion.

If the SAB fails to act in time, and the other two DAO Committee members are away, anyone with access to the third member’s private key (maybe a cyber threat actor) can swipe the ~17M USD from the DAO. The SAB should not be bothered with watching the Committee’s actions: the SAB members should only concern itself with providing emergency solutions to technical bugs and problems with smart contracts.

Given these facts, under the current scenario, adding a member strictly increases the security of the DAO funds.

The only caveat to adding more members is that any one member can block all the other members from the Committee from enacting transactions, but that is less critical – the DAO can decide to remove this member so operations can continue.


If this proposal passes,

  • A new round of postulations shall be held using the already established process for adding a DAO Committee Member
  • The four finalists from the current stage can be invited and postulated without a new interview
  • The selected two new candidates shall be added following the current procedure to add a committee member


Looking forwards to the future, our DAO should:

  • improve the agility and ergonomics of the governance processes
  • reduce burden on DAO Committee members
  • not involve the SAB in day-to-day activities
  • reduce the trust required in particular individuals

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More members and lowering their salary will be a good option :slight_smile:

I agree that we need more members on Aragon, but extending the DAO Committee will also make multisig (daily) operations more complicated to coordinates.

Reducing the trust in individual safe keeping millions is a terrible idea IMO.
We could remove them if someone goes wrong, but in the meantime they could still send thousands of transactions (on both aragon and multisig), hoping one would pass or in the case of Gnosis (which require no transaction and a single person to start a tx and 2/3 or 4/5 in the future), blocking the operation until those thousands of txs get rejected by all other members.

Extend the DAO committee and give a pay cut for the positions held.

Extend the DAO Committee from 3 to 5 members

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 88% 6,527,019 VP (205 votes)
  • No 12% 910,253 VP (12 votes)

When are we going to do elections for #4 and #5?

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