[DAO:2cd7aa1] Should the sample marketplace avatar be updated?

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The Handwear category has been incorporated, however the sample avatar of the marketplace that is used to view how a wearable looks has not yet been modified so that the wearables of the Handwear category are correctly displayed, producing an unpleasant effect whenever you try to view a wearable of this category.

Should the sample avatar be updated?

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I believe the issue is with past wearables including hands not the market preview itself voting invalid for this reason


I agree with Dogman, it would be because this default top has hands included in the glb. All the upper body wearables I’ve made also have hands and it would look like this in world if I were to wear your hand wearable with them, not only in the preview.

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There was discussion in CBD Discord around this and @NikkiFuego replied with this:

“This is why Doki and I were campaigning so hard when Hands released. If you made an upper-body before the new Hand category, it included hands in the mesh. The new base avatar has separate and new Hand mesh. So people who had pre-existing upper body’s need to update theirs to chop off the hands so they’re compatible with new hand category.
There isn’t anything that the foundation can do to hard fix it on their end because some Upper Body wearables do have hand accessories and what not. It has to be the creators that update it. I tried to get the marketing team to send a mass email to the creators but it didn’t happen”.

For now voting Invalid for this reason.


I believe it could be made clear in a separate proposal about removing the hands of all the default upper body wearable.

This would fix the preview editor when one makes hands wearables, allowing them to preview them without making a top without hands. This would also allow the preview of the marketplace when one isn’t connected and the preview fallback to default wearables like in your print screen (“the sample avatar of the marketplace that is used to view how a wearable looks” like you said).

But, it’s possible for people to be connected and be wearing an upper body with hands included that are not default wearables. In this case, I don’t think chopping the hands is appropriate for the reason @DedHeadJ referred to: “some Upper Body wearables do have hand accessories”.

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Correct!, the problem is in the Upper body, in this case the Upper body would have to be updated.

Keep in mind that this is the view you see when you are not yet logged in.

If this poll passes, I will publish the Draft urging to modify the Upper body that the sample avatar is wearing, instead of the sample avatar (which, thinking about it, is imprecise), in the event that it does not pass, I will publish the poll again doing these changes.

Should the sample marketplace avatar be updated?

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Should the sample marketplace avatar be updated?

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