[DAO:2a33778] Add the location -145,113 to the Points of Interest

by 0x30b1f4bd5476906f38385b891f2c09973196b742 (xeta)


Should the scene located at -145,113 be added to the Point of Interest list?


XETAPLEX will be a continuation of the XETAPLEX Aetheria legacy and developments which included hosting Samsung 837X, Netflix’s ‘Grey Man’, and more scenes.

Owned and operated by Xeta.

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Hi xeta, I hope that you aren’t abusing the system of POIs for profit.

Also, I noticed that you have Xetaplex(103,79) in Aetheria as a POI.
Are all these locations currently active?

Hello, it says that you are “under construction”. What is the intention of the build? Usually, PO’Is are approved because there is a lot of traffic with events or parties.

visited the location. The place is empty and NOTHING interesting other than a space ship. No interaction. Just static. Voting No on this.

Hi Xeta!
It’s exciting to see you building something new here! Right now I think it would be very confusing to have new users come to your area if you have a POI, because there isn’t anything to see, do, or instructions on how to interact with the scene. I personally would like to make sure that POI’s reflect actual locations that are building and growing. I know you’ve got big plans, so I’d love to support after you have something built up :facepunch:

On the one hand I’m with @Canessa since there only seems to be the construction of the spaceship, but on the other hand I think there would be the possibility of adding other points of interest like yours on the map despite not being a game.

I always would have liked more information on the parcels on the Decentraland map.

Hi @MetaRyuk @Canessa and @PunkPink the original xetaplex is now set up in this location. Sorry I was a little behind on getting it deployed due to the holiday but it should now be a little more clear that this is the original xetaplex.

@web3nit had already voted yes and since I know that @mattimus is a part of this I hope that @maryana @lordlike @Canessa @PunkPink @DedHeadJ and @MetaRyuk might take a second look and reconsider. I totally respect your decision either way. In case any of you are unfamiliar with Mattimus, he runs Seed and helped design the CBD 1 year build and works on the DCL backpack. If Im not mistaken.

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Hey @Existential14 thanks for the support. To clarify, I help Xeta out with some sdk stuff but I am not specifically a part of the xetaplex project. I help Xeta because he has given his space to artists like Jack Frost and other community artists to do shows there and has always shown support for the active community members in dcl. Two of the bigger community shows there were a 420 event and a May 4th event last year with Jack. I have my own version of the backpack called dcl closet but am very excited about the new explorer features too and am working on integrating with the saved outfits capability in my closet now.

Thanks for updating the scene. This is solely my opinion and perhaps the community may have a different definition of what is classified as interesting. The scene is still static and there isn’t any object for a user to interact. From an outsider point of view, i only see a big hall with large speakers, no theme, no activity nor interaction. For reference, i visited “The Aquarium” which is listed as a POI and there were a number of interactions in the scene such as playing a game and buying a wearable, and their image and video frames are not empty. Other POIs including Holy Temple, Lobsteropolis and Monster Hall are also interactive and I personally find them interesting due to the activity offered in them.

Given that you have a positive reputation within the community based on your past and current works, what is the rush for you to have this location to be listed as POI? Would it be better that a proper and interactive scene is deployed before proceeding to propose it as a POI?

Thanks Mattimus, this changes everything. I know Xeta has had many events here and hope he does more. Changing my vote to yes.

Now I remember this place! @mattimus has done fantastic work with the backpack and I believe is his ability to make this great!! Changing my vote to yes.

Add the location -145,113 to the Points of Interest

This proposal is now in status: PASSED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 53% 2,959,059 VP (62 votes)
  • No 46% 2,541,738 VP (23 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 3,890 VP (5 votes)

Commenting here as I know I’m probably the last vote in the last minute that flipped it.

I voted this way because I got info from Xeta that the other location is being used by another community member, and all they have to do is remove the scene deployment from the parcel they now control, and the original Xetaplex POI goes away. As far as I know Xeta doesn’t have deployment rights to that land to remove it himself.

I have mentioned before I have been to many Xetaplex events and launches of different NFT projects and brands in the space there. Plus all that @mattimus mentioned too, I mean we love the smoke!

So I’ll ask @spottiewifi to remove the deployment to remove the visual POI from the map please, so there are not duplicates. Thanks.

Add the location -145,113 to the Points of Interest

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