[DAO:2468e5a] Initiative for DCL Grant Applicants to HODL 5% of Funding Amount

by 0x2faab28f398c330430157893a48edc3799d99159 (LandLordDao)

Proposal Background:

Decentraland (DCL), as a leading decentralized virtual world, has been committed to promoting community involvement and project innovation. Through the DCL Grant program, many developers and creators have been able to realize their dreams, bringing more value and diversity to the Decentraland community. However, to further enhance project sustainability and applicants’ long-term commitment to the Decentraland ecosystem, we propose a new initiative: requiring all DCL Grant applicants to hold at least 5% of the funding amount as long-term investment during the sponsorship period.

Proposal Objectives:

Enhance applicants’ commitment to project success.
Promote responsible use of funds, ensuring that sponsored projects can continue to develop.
Strengthen the connection between applicants and the Decentraland community, encouraging more long-term investment.
Further enhance the stability of MANA and LAND assets by increasing the hodling behavior in Decentraland.

Proposal Details:

Holding Requirement: All DCL Grant applicants must agree to HODL at least 5% of the funding amount during the sponsorship period. This means that if a project receives a grant of $100,000, they would need to hold at least $5,000 worth of sponsored MANA or LAND assets as a long-term investment.

Implementation: Applicants will need to declare their willingness to comply with this requirement in the application form and provide a transparent mechanism to prove their holding status of MANA or LAND assets. This can be achieved through smart contracts or other blockchain technologies to ensure transparency and verifiability.

Oversight and Enforcement: The Decentraland Foundation will be responsible for monitoring the implementation of this policy and conducting regular checks on holding status. Failure to comply with the holding requirement may result in the revocation of sponsorship or other penalties.

Expected Impact: Through the implementation of this proposal, we expect to encourage more project applicants to have a longer-term consideration for the Decentraland ecosystem, while also bringing more stable and high-quality projects to the community.

The initiative for DCL Grant applicants to HODL at least 5% of the funding amount is a proposal aimed at promoting project sustainability, enhancing community commitment, and stabilizing the economic ecosystem. Through this policy, we can ensure not only the effective use of funds but also encourage applicants to establish closer ties with the Decentraland community, jointly driving the prosperity and innovation of the ecosystem. We invite all community members to support this proposal and work together to build a more open, inclusive, and innovative Decentraland.

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This doesn’t make sense…
People will just add 5% to their proposals…

if you understood it make sense ,…this 5% maybe will locked for at least 3yrs or more …

I kinda get it that they need to come back to claim the rest…
A lot of the past grants have just left completely…

Personally I don’t really need the $ that much…
But I imagine if someone is asking for 500MANA then they probably need that 500MANA… They don’t want to make a long term investment in decentraland…
Otherwise they’ll just add 5%…
People will just ask for 525MANA…

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This makes the proposal invalid and there is no point in reading further.

why not he don’t just straight put 525mana if he want right? Sometimes the grant it’s too much it wouldn’t passed

oh thanks for pointing out the mistake. will repost another one .

Isn’t DAO just trading all Mana for Eth any way?

I would like to re-iterate the importance that the Mana spent in grants should result work that boosts the value of the ecosystem by an equal or greater amount if the down-pressure of selling the received Mana. This is the essence of investment.

Initiative for DCL Grant Applicants to HODL 5% of Funding Amount

This proposal is now in status: FINISHED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 4% 197,785 VP (23 votes)
  • N o 58% 2,370,301 VP (12 votes)
  • Invalid question/options 38% 1,622,802 VP (6 votes)

Initiative for DCL Grant Applicants to HODL 5% of Funding Amount

This proposal has been REJECTED by a DAO Committee Member (0xbef99f5f55cf7cdb3a70998c57061b7e1386a9b0)