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Should the following Tier 3: up to $5,000 USD in MANA, 3 months vesting (1 month cliff) grant in the Platform Contributor category be approved?


We are an FPS/RTS crossover game being developed in Decentraland by a wonderful community of artists and engineers. Our current endeavor to create one of the most amazing community led games has led us to invest 7 months worth of developing time to a new type of POAP delivery which we call Controller of Attendance Token (C.A.T.)

C.A.T. has been tested many times for now and refined in the delivery process of POAP in various events. We now seek to make this service available for DCL community. Therefore, we will need to refine it more so LAND owners can implement this technology in their LAND and be able to deliver POAP through task completion.

Grant size

5,000 USD

Beneficiary address


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We seek to further develop C.A.T. in order for DCL LAND owners to distribute POAP for their event in a custom way. Some examples of what this technology can do is provide POAP to players by completing tasks during a specified period of time. Check the amount of falls each player has had. Verify human behavior and more.

Here we have posted one video of C.A.T. working:

We will have an event in collaboration with Bored Ape Pizza Club this upcoming saturday 22nd in which you can check how CAT can be used.

We believe POAP can be distributed in a more engaging way and more responsibly. This grant will also allow us to offer this service for free for a limited period of time.



-Custom POAP Delivery as specified by developer

-User Validations to ensure security and reliability

-POAP-CAT event management interface within Promethei Terra

-Provide per event access on CAT Services to property owners in Decentraland

Decentraland POAP Delivery

A task based feature included in the delivery process providing Decentraland Metaverse Property Owners with the possibility for users to spend some time in the scene or to reach or visit specific areas inside the property before actually committing the POAP minting process.

POAP Event Management Interface
A Decentraland Scene ready UI that allows Decentraland Metaverse LAND Owners, LAND Administrators and Decentraland Users to subscribe and sign up to CAT Services
Token based distribution of event grants
A token will be distributed among CAT Service users allowing the use of CAT Services per event

Decentraland Metaverse Property ownership validations along with an optional captcha validation method and user activity records to ensure that every user will enjoy advanced security measures in the POAP delivery process.

Token based distribution of event grants
A token will be distributed among CAT Service users allowing the use of CAT Services per event.


We are dedicating Stellar Gate personnel resources into the completion of this project:

Jorge Bartra - Stellar Gate Project Lead | will oversee operations and completion of add on

Luis Grisolia - Stellar Gate Lead Dev | will refine CAT for usage by DCL community

Roadmap and milestones

We estimate for refinements to be completed within a month and a half. We will provide monthly update and final update near end of project life cycle.

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Hey! So glad to see CAT pop up on the proposals today. I have done this POAP test, and even hold the cute POAP in my collection. Have been to y’alls events many times.

I’m wondering what these refinements are exactly? Is this to implement it within DCL as a DCL product? Or release it as open source? Have a third party platform or site, that land owners can sign up and use?

You also mention it being free for a limited time, so you plan to monetize it at some point?

Ahaha nice to see you!! These refinements are so it is easier to be used by LAND owners. Currently it is a bit complex to adapt to your own land because it was made specifically for us. This will be to implement it as a product. It will be fairly cheap once the free period is over unless the DAO can cover operational costs. We have servers which support this interaction on the backend.

We want everything to be done via decentraland since we believe in the metaverse idea, so there wont be a website but rather request it via UI within DCL. You will be able to request access via a POAP console in Promethei Terra (our spaceship)

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Thanks for the response @decentrafun! Understood on the refinements. If there was an implementation path integrating into Decentraland, and a grant could support the cost of operational costs I’d love that. I feel more grants need to find ways to build upon the platform, when Foundation is busy at work in other areas of the world.

Question now about the request it via UI in Decentraland, do you have a way to implement that? Is it a pass off the code sort of situation? I know there will be push back if there isn’t an implementation path forward on that.

Yes of course. If the DAO can support it then we can maintain it. I feel this can always be explored on a quarter basis, that way the costs are covered for maintaining it.

Yes, it is very simple. We have had already work done on UI. It is a matter of push/fetch. We did a lot of exploration on the capabilities on UI during our CAT unveil event. So it is certainly doable. Basically a land owner or representative will come to the console and fill out the required information and we will allow for a token to be given which can be used on their land to use for a one time event.

We do plan to keep building on CAT however we will make the appropriate proposal requests as we progress. We have already invested a lot of time and our funds to make this CAT delivery process as is

Will that project be open source? Both server and client/library?


New type of POAP distribution called C.A.T. | Stellar Gate Project

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

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  • No 99% 1,304,266 VP (56 votes)