[DAO:078cbe6] Add the location -59,4 to the Points of Interest

Hello Canessa, have you finally succeeded in entering Magika’s Forest ?
I would gladly make you a in-game tour of AnyMagik to show you our work and designs.

Of course, I will let you judge after trying AnyMagik if we deserve a POI or not.
I’m available whenever to prove our determination, work-ethic and potential for Decentraland’s community.

I would hope you vote no all on future Lastslice grants, given how rarely they work for anyone on the first attempt.

And NEATs have literally never worked for me.

In fact, I have been following and participating in the anymagik project since the fishing event. Although a considerable amount of time has passed from the end of the fishing event to the release of the lumberjack event, I have been taking part in daily Discord tasks and also participated in activities like “Guess the Movie Title from the Picture.” Therefore, I am aware of some updates about anymagik from the fishing event to the current lumberjack event. This game has rich content and high replayability. However, there are many bugs at this stage that need to be addressed promptly in order to improve the player’s gaming experience.
From a player’s perspective, this game offers rich content and meaningful rewards throughout the gameplay. These are things that players desire greatly. If the project team can proceed as planned, it will be an anticipated project. Therefore, I am in favor of it and hope that the project team can meticulously develop the game content and enhance the user’s gaming experience.

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Hi @paulyong531, thank you for your support and participation among AnyMagik’s activities.
We had to take a lot of time between the 2 events because after working on the lumberjack job and its functionalities, we had to move everything to SDK 7 to enhance our gaming experience.
We are working really hard to fix some bugs that appeared during the event, our goal remains to offer the best gaming experience possible to Decentraland users while drawing more people to the platform.

Hi @DedHeadJ, I don’t know if you’ve finally managed to get into the AnyMagik gaming experience? I’d be delighted to show you around AnyMagik and introduce you to our unique builds, designs and gameplay in Decentraland.

I’m available to prove our determination and work ethic if you’d like to check out our work before the proposal is ending.

The AnyMagik game will still be online after the event and will regularly introduce new features for our players.

Changing my vote to yes. While I would have preferred to see more activity before asking for a POI, I also see the value you can bring to the ecosystem. I appreciate your recent engagement on Twitter, and hope that you continue being active. Also if events aren’t continued regularly, the POI can always be voted away if the community decides that’s the right route to go, so I’m willing to take a chance that you guys are going to continue to be active. Best of luck to you!

We thank you for your trust @Canessa !
We have so much to offer to Decentraland’s community and are ready to prove it to everyone.
A new event will be released very soon and new features will added regularly.

Add the location -59,4 to the Points of Interest

This proposal is now in status: REJECTED.

Voting Results:

  • Yes 37% 2,237,460 VP (28 votes)
  • No 62% 3,692,483 VP (21 votes)
  • Abstain 1% 17,933 VP (7 votes)

First of all, we’d like to thank all the members of the Decentraland community who have given AnyMagik their support. Don’t worry, we’ll continue to produce and release original new features, events and wearables on a regular basis!

Despite reaching the 2M threshold and more than 20 positive votes, this proposal was rejected. We accept this, and will continue to work and develop our gaming environment to deliver the best to Decentraland’s community.

We hope, however, that those who voted against this proposal will visit AnyMagik and help us understand their decisions. We are of course ready to accept any constructive feedback in order to improve our game experience and offer the very best to our Magikans.

lol, lets vote no on an interesting plot to not be a point of interest. It literally can be reversed if it ever got uninteresting. Are peoples feet ok being shot all the time? Your personal strife shouldn’t dictate the wellbeing of the platform especially if you are delegated 100,000X the amount of VP than the average user.

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