[DAO:078cbe6] Add the location -59,4 to the Points of Interest

by 0x3ca5e5ea2909025058b1f63851be31dc4af9cf43 (Anymagik)

Large Plaza Roadside Estate

External Image

Should the scene located at -59,4 be added to the Point of Interest list?


Embark on a fantastic medieval MMORPG journey in the Decentraland ecosystem.
Since 2022, AnyMagik has a Play & Earn economy and offers fun community-driven experience. Events, Wearables and new Features will be released regularly in the next months.

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Hello, I really like this vibrant and exciting build. You mention that this has been active since 2022, but I am a little confused if this is new or are you re-introducing this project?

Hello DedHeadJ, we’re glad you like the design.
Indeed, AnyMagik was launched in 2022, with an initial test scene at (-131,-91) and the introduction of a first wearable collection. In 2023, we changed LANDs, hosted 2 events and published 4 more wearables collections, the AnyMagik experience remained live for 2023’s last 2 quarters, and this week we’re launching AnyMagik’s official release with a new event to showcase our work over the last 2 years.

During this period, AnyMagik’s community has won numerous rewards (Wearables, $MANA, In-game items, …) and we’re now ready to steadily enhance the user experience over the coming period.

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I rarely write in forums, If people remember these folks have a great history in rugging everyone.

Hi Dhingia, this wearable was published before the creation of the AnyMagik project.
One of our founder used this wallet before to publish collections under the “Wayable” name.

AnyMagik didn’t made any sales in 2 years and this wearable has nothing to do with the AnyMagik projects. We will gladly show our work and prove our dedication to Decentraland’s community.

I understand you might had a bad experience in the past with the previous wallet owner, however i assure you our work is legit and our goal to enhance the user experience in Decentraland is real.

I invite you to participate in our event, this week and I will be available if you need any help or if you have any questions concerning the project.

I can provide more details on this topic, but I’d prefer not to discuss it in this setting. Additionally, a POI is for lands that have regular events and give value. It’s not the right time to ask for a POI now. First, you should have more regular events. I see you come and go every few months, and now you’re back to ask for a POI. Thanks

You certainly aren’t someone that people look to for moral authority. If anything you probably just want to sink their grant so you can drain the rest of the category yourself.

Here comes the global pain BANNED. U should mind ur own business.

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Hi Dhingia, as discussed, I am available if you want to exchange with me concerning this topic.
The AnyMagik project has 5 wearables collections published (70 wearables in total), has rented and used Lands since 2022, has released 3 events since then and planned 3 more events before April, and we are ready to publish 2 new wearables collections.
Furthermore, all wearables in circulation were earned or offered to AnyMagik’s ans Decentraland’s community.

Yo! Have you been here and played? I just visited and my experience was actually one of the best for a new game. Although the game has been here for a while the new update (I assume sdk7 update) has actually got some things I’ve not seen in dcl yet. I think maybe take a less personal approach to POIs as this is actually a interesting place in dcl.

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It’s a beautiful build! Aesthetics were great, I couldn’t get the wheel to work, and once in the village, I couldn’t find any way to play a game or to leave. You said you had two events in 2023…that’s not a lot of activity. I’m voting no for now, but I will gladly support if there is more done here. I think asking for a POI prior to an official release is not the best course of action. I would suggest you have a release, let people see the game, play it, learn about it, then ask for the POI. Looking forward to seeing what you create!

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Thanks for the nice words Canessa !
You should try speaking to the Villagers in the Village to discover more scenes, features and challenges. An Axe Wearable is given by a Lumberjack called Byron Vodaran.

Concerning this POI proposal, our goal was to invite people to check our 2 year-work in Decentraland and hopefully consider it in their vote, bringing new players who might enjoyed these gaming experiences.

We will continue developing and building and are eager to read your feedbacks.

Yeah nothing worked for me either

If only Decentraland had a game where users could chop trees…

Hey OGContraBand, I’m sorry to hear you had an issue playing AnyMagik. If we can help you in any way, let us know. In order to start playing, you have to talk to the villagers and join the forest, where a lumberjack will give you the [Durin’s Axe] wearable.
Then you will be able to Chop Trees, Fight Goblins and Spiders, discover the secrets of Magika and much more ! You might also loot a Golden Ticket which you can use to Spin the Wheel of Fortune in the Village.

Ok I will try again and see. If it works I’ll gladly change to yes

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Hey it worked I’m chopping wood. I will change to yes this is what POI is for! One change I recommend for only 100 mana the famous recording artist and recorder blockflute player OG Contra Band will make you your own symphonic music symphony song up to 3 minutes mp3 file. Imagine your game with legendary musician DCL icon and only for 100 mana. All will know from the shocking beauty sound this is top a point of interest for sure. For a magic theme I recommend a lydian scale theme that can convey a magic feeling and positivity wellness both at the same time. Even KOA will be jealous especially with quality log chopping.

I changed to yes just now

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I will be voting yes on this proposal. ABC Adventures toured the previous location of AnyMagik on January 9th, 2023 at 38,-81. There was a fishing game and some other activities.
Here’s our group photo from that visit which we released as a NEAT the following week:

I’ve had a positive experience with the creators at AnyMagik. I look forward to checking out their new games and activations soon.


Yo when you coming out to 27,24 to try farming some 420? I can’t believe developer can’t even get POI around here!

Thank you for your support AwedJob !
We’re glad you enjoyed your fishing and lumberjack experiences.
We will soon be releasing more features, wearables and events and hope you will be among us to try them out.