Creators Program: Framework

Content Creator Program

The Decentraland Content Creator program is designed to directly support projects that increase the Decentraland’s platform adoption, support emerging use-cases, open up new markets, provide novel uses for the open-metaverse, and lastly further the principles of the Decentraland’s vision. We allocate grants in the range of 1-3K USD in MANA per month and LAND leasings depending on each case to support each project and we distribute those funds as teams reach predetermined milestones.

The model we use to incubate our grants require regular check-ins, high developer velocity, active repositories, and frequent communications with the Decentraland Foundation. How well teams meet these requirements will determine if a milestone has been reached and whether additional funds will be released.


Decentraland Creators Program is an initiative supporting all talents without any distinction of age, gender, or country of origin. We are looking for:

  • Developers, Designers, and Artists who are looking to create engaging experiences inside Decentraland.

  • Content creators that have built experiences inside Decentraland with a certain amount of traction but need help finding the correct retention and monetization loops.

  • Projects that are already functioning outside the Decentraland world and want to establish their presence inside the world.

Copyright Ownership

Each project retains all rights and ownership of the content. Decentraland Foundation will never claim any ownership rights to your content.

Review Criteria

Projects will initially be judged and accepted as part of the program by Decentraland’s content committee. Each project is assessed on a bi-monthly basis based on milestone results.

Each quarter a new creator program initiate will open specifying new review criteria aligned with foundations goals for that quarter.

The Decentraland foundation is interested in a wide range of projects but our current focus is primarily around developing content to support the following use-cases:

  1. Engaging Gaming experiences.
  2. Art / Fashion experiences.
  3. In-game novel use-cases for our blockchain layer, especially those who integrate experiences with other products or Ethereum ecosystems like Defi.
  4. In-world experiences that push the limits of our current SDK.
  5. Tools that directly benefit Decentraland users or increase MANA adoption.

All the projects incubated in this program will have to provide a clear proposal on how their creation will reach replay-ability and monetization over time. Grants are expected to fund specific feature-sets through clearly defined milestones.

We do not allocate grants for projects that do not fulfill previously specified conditions.

This decision/assessment framework will gradually migrate into the DAO, with the community being the one who will ultimately decide which projects get to participate in this program.

Grant Categories

  • Seed - You have a team, an idea, and a plan.

    • Ranging from 0.5-2K USD in MANA/month
    • Land leasing eligible
    • Up to 6 months contract period.
  • Monetize - You have a working scene(s) with 500+ WAU and need help monetizing your content.

    • Ranging from 1-3K USD in MANA/month
    • Land leasing eligible
    • Up to 6 months contract period
  • Scale - You have a scene(s) with 1000+ WAU that has a decent amount of MANA transactions and need help scaling up the model.

    • Ranging from 1-3K USD in MANA/month
    • Land leasing eligible
    • Up to 6 months contract period
  • BYOC (Bring-your-own-content) - If you are a content creator that has successfully built an experience in another platform you can also apply to a Content Creator grant.

    • Ranging from 1-3K USD in MANA/month
    • Land leasing eligible

Grants funds consist of two components: base of the grant and the bonus component. Bonus targets metrics are also defined by the content committee and are mostly focused on social metrics like the number of events hosted, WAU, MANA transacted, etc.

In all cases, milestones, deliverables, and periodic reviews will be set upon the acceptance of each of the grants.

:video_game: Multiplayer mini-games Track

Matic Network and Decentraland have just partnered to fill the metaverse with cool multiplayer games and experiences.

Creators can apply for a grant of up to $6k USD worth of MANA/MATIC per team.

  • Projects should be attainable in 2 months.
  • Experiences need to be multiplayer and competitive.
  • Experiences need to be developed using the Decentraland SDK.
  • Experiences need to make use of Matic’s Network.
  • The creators of the scenes own the Intellectual Property, but some of the underlying mechanics will need to be open-sourced.

Application process

All aspirants to the Creator Grants should send a proposal email to, detailing these points:

  • Overall Idea
  • Team
  • Portfolio
  • Roadmap and Deliverables
  • What you need from Decentraland
  • Link to content* (if the experience is currently live)
  • Current WAU and MANA transacted volume (if the experience is currently live)

All Content Creator Grants applicants are subject to the first round of evaluation from the content committee. Provided this committee finds the applicants a good fit for the creator grants the proposals will be initially published on the Decentraland Forum to be evaluated by the community. Later down the road, this decision process will be handled by the DAO.

After the first round of approval, applicants will need to present a delivery calendar that details deliverables for each milestone.