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Weapon - Red/Black


I tested your weapon and frankly not bad!
Can’t wait for it to be available :slight_smile:

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Thank you bro ! It’s just the beginning :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

dopeee great job :fire: :fire:

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Thanks for support ! I appreciate it :fire: :star_struck:

Hey guys ! I just updated it: I touched up the colors a bit and modified the weapon a bit so that there is no bug in the game :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

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really need this weapon :drooling_face: :drooling_face:

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um hell yeah this is really cool and id love to see this get on the market then straight to my wallet haha!!!

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Hey @nxoo! Please check: Publishing Wearables | Decentraland

  • Wearables with misleading categories may be rejected; for example, a hat that is categorized as a lower body item.

Please add an earring to the wearable as the main wearable or something in that order.


Hey @Shibu ! Thanks for reply, I thought it was already in the right category

Here is how I set parameters, is this ok ?

hey no, i’m referring that the gun appears in the backpack and not as some earrings

you will need to create some earrings as the main asset.


Oh hell yes ! Sorry for that. I swapped the category to Tiara like this one (also appears in the backpack)

Thank you, have a nice evening!

Hey @Shibu is there any others trouble with my nft ?

Hey @nxoo! You need to add a tiara to be valid!

Check this case: Collection 'ROBO-Accessories' created by CRU5HED#8b9c is ready for review! - #12 by Shibu


Hey @Shibu ! Sorry for confusing here we go ! Just added it. Take a look at my screenshots:

Thank you !

Hey @nxoo

Is this on purpose or the tiara is clipping with the head of the avatar?


Hey @Shibu !
Yes the tiara is clipping with the head :+1: This is intentional
Thank you @Shibu for your patience and hope this time it can be approval :crossed_fingers:

collection approved then!

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