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  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: top_head

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ROBO-Wings [Pink-Edition]

  • Description: [PINK EDITION] ROBO-WINGS
  • Rarity: legendary
  • Category: top_head

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  • Description: ROBO-EARS - Enhanced Trisonic Hearing
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: tiara

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A Collection of ROBO-Accessories by CRU5HED

Robo-Wings in Pink

Robo-Ears [High frequency tri-spectrum band antenna]


Robo-Wings in White

All within the usual accessory range 500tri’s (Wosh I could use more - I had to decimate these down a lot!

Thanks and Robo-Love



Yes! Love those Gundam ears. Do they pick up FM? :smiley:

Hi Wearable Mod-God @Lauretta - any chance of getting this looked at for approval? I see a fair few items submitted after this have been approved already and have heard nothing on my first wearable yet. Would be appreciated.Thanks

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Hey! Please change the category of ROBO-EARS to earrings and add a top head element to the wings (something floating above the head) to match the category, because right now there is not a backpack category. The top element should fill more than 50% of the image in the thumbnail.


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@Shibu Thanks - have changed the ears category to earrings. I notice in the marketplace there are other wings with no top head element listed as Tiara’s - I have changed my wings to Tiaras now. Can it now pass?



Hi @Lauretta @Shibu - sorry to bump this but it has been in approval for 14 days and I made the changes straight away as soon as I got feedback to get it passed. Let me know if there is anything I need to do still. Thanks!

thanks for letting me know, bumping this for @Shibu since he started this review

Hey @CRU5HED ! Which collection?

There is no category for wings, that’s why you need to add the wings to other model such as Tiara or Top Head.

Hi @Shibu @Lauretta - I have already changed the category of the wings to Tiara’s which is what the following items seemingly did and got passed (apologies for singling out these guys) - these following wing items have no actual separate tiara or mask element to them.

I assumed that it was being allowed as a reasonable workaround based on the above considering there is no actual wings category yet.

Let me know - dying to get these on the store. Thanks

Hate to Bump but could a mod or @Shibu look at this please? Was submitted 21 days ago now and a week since any replies from you guys. I have always replied and applied changes within minutes of any queries from you. Would appreciate being able to try and move this one forward.


Hey @CRU5HED! I’m afraid that the wings is a misleading category:

  • Wearables with misleading categories may be rejected; for example, a hat that is categorized as a lower body item.

You can find the info here: Publishing Wearables | Decentraland

Going to talk with the rest of the curators about the other cases to see how we can resolve those cases, thanks for report.

Please consider adding a tiara or something that respect that category.


@Shibu Thanks - Have added a Tiara element to wings as requested and changed profile pics to reflect this. resubmitted all. Hoping this will do it now?

btw - was not reporting those other items, absolutely not my intention. I was just trying to point out that there are many items, including other wings in the ‘tiaras’ section that have been allowed in without an actual Tiara element to them - and in my humble opinion, rightly so - with a lack of a broader category for all the ‘other’ random things we create and users want - Tiara’s seems like a good place for them currently.

Anyway, appreciate your time on this and hoping these can now be approved. Best
Screenshot 2022-02-06 104719

awesome! can you add the tiara to the thumbnail? it needs to show the tiara as the main asset!

is looking awesome, thank you very much!

@Shibu Thanks - have changed the profile pics again to represent the Tiara as best as possible as the main piece. Tricky as it is a fine object that somewhat dissappears without the in-game emissive so have left the avatar in - tricky to see it without. Hope this is enough!

awesome collection approved! thanks for the patience!

Thanks Shibu - got there in the end! Can I gift you a set for your efforts?