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Sword, Shield, Satoshi, Waifumon

I own the logos on this shield. The rest just silhouettes graphics we made as an inside joke to each of our Waifumon buyers. Example buyers name is “LittleStubbernGuy” we made a arms crossed symbol. or “Jsummers” we just made a symbol of a sun etc

Here is the proof of logo ownerships

  1. Waifumon Logo
  2. Logo:
  3. Bitcion Are cryptocurrency logos protected by copyright? - The Cryptonomist
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Hi @AaronLeupp I’ve reviewed this item and it’s technically viable. Can you please update the thumbnail to be more representative of what the user is buying (e.g the shield advertisement content). We don’t want to misrepresent the product in the thumbnail (I know people can see it in 3D on the market but just incase for opensea etc.)

After that, happy to approve!


Wow, what a great idea. It has been updated and also made transparent as I learned from you previous before. Thanks a ton.

@AaronLeupp I have approved!

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thank you so much everyone has loved them. I just put them in for an update to sync. Since all we did was make the one logo bigger on this .glb since people told us they could not really read it. let me know if I need to do anything more for second approval. thank you.

i updated the thumbnail on this one too. ready for approval. thank you!

Hey @AaronLeupp ! Please make the tiara more visible in the thumbnail because is the main asset of the category.


Thank you. If you read above we tried that on original submission but @Malloy recommended that we do it like this way instead to properly represent what the buyer is buying. This updated thumbnail is the exact the last approved thumbnail just updated the bigger logo. I may also be miss understanding on my end that you mean should we make the tiara bigger in the image even tho it won’t be in same proportion size of what they will be buying? Either way sorry on my end for confusion since I want to do right for you. Thanks again.

It hazz been over 8 days let us know what we can do to get this approved. Thank you.

It is very sad, although it has been said above that there is no problem, it is not fair for you to wait so long. I’ve seen wearable NFTs approved within 10 hours at the decentral market. I’m also waiting for 12 days. and nothing. It’s okay to wait, the real problem is that they don’t do a chronological review.

@Shibu can we get this NFT update approved? it has been almost 50 Days lol. we don’t need the thumbnail updated. Just the Wearable NFT itself. Thanks again.

yes but actually there are not categories for backpack. that’s why we ask to be cohesive with its category.
there are plans to add new categories later but until then let’s stick with the pipeline that we have.

the documentation say: not misleading categories and that’s what we curate. if the category is tiara it should be a tiara (then its optional to add other “assets” to the tiara to make it more creative but that’s all) please we are having this same conversation in several of your submissions.

ok then please reverse this update request on this wearable as well. since was not looking to update a thumbnail the one we had previously approved was good as is. This thumbnail update which are not even requesting we predict will make things very confusing for people in game. Thank you so much.

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@DuckiezKing bro can you approve this as well? You approved this wearable and it didn’t even have a earring in it LOL. I used same thumbnail and wearable file that was approved before it just has tad bigger font so people can read. thanks

@Shibu , you see this? @DuckiezKing approved this and it didn’t even have an earring in the thumbnail. So can we finally get this one approved too since it been a couple months? thank you!

Nope, I made a mistake and the creator of the sword will be making the necessary changes. Thanks.

@Shibu check out the latest thumbnails. I think you will finally love them for your standards for approval. Please also check the Fairy one too it has been updated but it wont allow me to respond. THank you.

here is that one @Shibu thank you