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Doge Girl Twintails

Doge Girl Shoes

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Hey, reviewing it now.

  1. There is a smaaaal problem with how the shoes connect with legs, it can be seen on the attached screenshot. It’s not much of an issue, but has to be fixed. Closing the hole at the top with a polygon would negate this just right.

  2. You might also want to fix the issue on the following screenshot - just add some topology so that the item doesn’t look transparent from this point of view.

  3. Is it a design choice to not include different representations for male and female avatars? It’s ok if it is so, but I thought it might have been somehow forgotten to make it single-representation only.

  4. Are you in any way connected with the Doge Girl coin project? Publishing the collection with items, that use such pieces of IP without permission from owners is not allowed. Consider changing the names of items OR getting a legal consent to use such names from the Doge Girl coin project founders.


thank you for your time in reviewing this, we will adjust the aforementioned problems, also just to let you know, we have no relationship to the doge coin project. Our doge girl character has all rights reserved, we’ve been using it for over a year, before this organization was founded. We issue bi weekly crypto theme’d anime girls and have been doing so for over a year now. we own 30 parcels in DCL and 160 in sandbox. Our website is, i checked out the doge girl twitter and their mascot is nothing like ours, it’s just a shibe with a wig, here is a few pictures of our doge girl and the nfts we’ve released over the past year. i hope you’ll be able to look at the facts and resolve this in our favor. However our artist is adjusting these problems and we should have a correction for you shortly

Yep, I see, issue solved. Waiting for fixes :slight_smile:

i think the issues are there, because i put it as male and female, if i put it as female, can males still wear it?

actually i just got that answered… is there any way you can adjust it to just be for female on your end for both items?

sorry was a mistake on my part

The issue I talked about was about IP infrigements, it’s solved, I have nothing to object :slight_smile:

If you want only female representation (if I got you right), you must upload it this way, it shouldn’t be unisex.

ah ok awesome, can i get it approved as is? in the future ill make sure to do as female, since these just boots and hair, we are ok with it being unisex

Only if it’s your artistic choice :slight_smile:

it is my artistic choice, hehe, much appreciated sir.

Still not fixed, this one is mandatory to be fixed :slight_smile:


does this exist on both male and female models, or just the male?

we cannot see it on our end

Both. If you can’t see it in Blender, it’s because of the backface culling in the material settings. Try playing with it to see the thing.

ok, i uploaded the new file for the hair, and adjusted the gender to Female for both the shoes and the twin tails hair

The issue is still present. Just add\duplicate some polygons on the inside, so that it’s not possible to see through model, that’s it. In this case such see-throughs are too obvious and spoil the overall look of the model.

just submitted another file, please let me know if the issue is resolved, thanks for your time