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Volker Hermes Ears

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Volker Hermes Rabbit Ears

Hey KHud#4910! How are you?

Can you add in replacements:

Replaces: helmet, hat.


@Shibu ahh. I accidentally deleted my reply. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I didn’t get notified by email and didn’t know about the forum. But I’m here now!

I added those two replacements.

Let me know if there’s anything else I need to modify.


Hey @khud ! Awesome!

The collection has been approved!

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Hi @Shibu! Quick question for you. Any way to burn or hide a collection? I’ve turned off “For Sale” on the collection but all 28 pieces show up on OpenSea and its messing up the search for other items we have with the same name. Any way to de-list, burn, hide, etc?


@collections Hi there. Just following up on this. Is there a way to delist all the items in a collection so they dont show up on OpenSea?

I don’t think so. Just turning off from selling in DCL is about all you can do to prevent anymore from being minted. I looked up your collection. It looks like several people already own this item. In DCL it shows one sell so not sure if you sold the other in Opensea or minted to alt accounts… Any attempt to block the collection would be like a rug pull for those that already own it.

Currently only the 38 that have been minted shows in opensea. Every new one that is minted will only add to that list. If you mint to burn address ( it might show up as a minted item owned by burn address )…

If you’re going to trash some to burn address. I would not mind taking one or two from you…

I’ve renamed the items in the collection to Rabbit Ears, and need to rename the collection as well to Tokenart Rabbit Ears.

How can I rename the collection and get this approved?