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Visions_Wear 3

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Bullet Surfer Sneakers

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Hello! Checking this now!

Hey! Good job!
Just a little skinning fix on the angle, check the image
Let me know when you are done :slight_smile:


Hi - Please, can you approve?

Hello @visions_wear !
There is still the same little issue on the anke skinning.
You should select all of the ankle’s vertices of your feet geo and assign them full weight on the leg bone.
This way the anke will not break when moving or jumping as you can see in the above picture.

You will not noticing this in the stand pose, you need to rotate the feet bone and make sure feet is connected to the leg.

Tag me@ when you are done so I can see this faster :slight_smile:

@fabeeobreen please see the latest edit, seems to not glitch when dancing and fist punching the air.

Hello @visions_wear !
Skinning is now fine!
You broke something on the right shoe normals, check the image

@fabeeobreen So confused because it doesn’t show in the editor. It usually shows discrepancies there.

@visions_wear check this video to see your item inworld.
The editor currently show double-sided geometries. While in-game all is single sided.

I think you sent me the wrong video link.

mhm the part you are looking for starts at 1:38

You will need to switch to Ropsten network to enter the test grid,
As soon as you click on “see in world” a message will appear on your screen if you are not on Ropsten

This is another thing you can try to visualize flipped normals, within blender

How do I unlock Ropsten Test Network on Metamask because mine has a lock symbol next to it?

My graphic designer is struggling with this edit as he is new to DCL, what can you advise?

@visions_wear no worries guys, this is an easy fix since it was working fine until last edit.
Probably you changed some settings by mistake before export.
The issue is coming from normals.

About adding the Ropsten check this:

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thanks i relayed to my gd. i managed to unlock Ropsten however, i can’t seem to get my collectibles in the world :confused:

Try disabling adblock @visions_wear

disable adblock?

@fabeeobreen please see the new edit

Hello @visions_wear
Right shoe has the normals flipped

My suggestion: Take back your old files. Everything was good execpt a little skin issue.
Take back that file and do not touch normals or materials, just fix the ankle weights