Collection 'Visions_Wear 3' created by 0x4c41...1a2d6 is ready for review!

@fabeeobreen please see revision

Hello @visions_wear !
Good job! Now everything is fine! :slight_smile:
Do you want to add any description and tags before i approve your collection?

Great! Can I buy tags in DCL like you can buy names?

@fabeeobreen please can you approve

@visions_wear collection approved!

@fabeeobreen I wanted to change my wearable photo. Now the status of my wearable is unsynced, What is this about?

@visions_wear if you need to update the thumbnail i need to disable your collection.
Then re-enable it after your modification.

Remind that image must respect 512x512 px size with transparent background to be approved.

Collection is now disabled, update your thumb and let me know when i can approve this again.

@fabeeobreen he current Thumbnail rarity colour is ‘EPIC’ which is what I want to assign the wearable to.

rarity color is assigned automatically when you set the rarity for the wearable.
For this reason you must upload a thumbnail without the background color (rarity color):
512x512 png image with trasparent background @visions_wear

  • The one you are using right now it’s ok to go, should I approve you colelction again now?

@fabeeobreen yes please

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@visions_wear collection enabled again!

@fabeeobreen when I launched the new thumbnail for sale the old thumbnail pops up on the marketplace, why is that?

@fabeeobreen just chasing regarding my last comment

It require some time for proper thumbnails update.
Try hard refresh, if you still have the issue after setting your wearables for sale in the marketplace let me know and I will disable the collection to make you update the thumb one more time.