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Tin-tin crypto team 1st Mints

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IanRodgers dragon tattoo

T shirt Noir Tin Tin Tatouages

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This is a project presented by :skull_and_crossbones: Tin-Tin Tatouages tattoo shop located in Paris, France.

We have been organising the world-renown Mondial du Tatouage tattoo convention since 1999 but have been forced to cancel the last two editions.

By minting tattoos in the Metaverse, we want to achieve two goals :
:point_right: Beat the virus crisis by helping our beloved community of tattoo artists to master web3 tools and access NFT markets (also in the sake of art)
:point_right: Open the path for the millions of tattoo enthusiasts around the world to wear tattoos also in their virtual lives and make this wondeful way of expression even more famous.

We have already sold a few NFT tattoos in MANA on our OpenSea profile which we use for opening a tattoo shop on Decentraland and minting wearables for our fans.

:point_down: This is the project

:arrow_right: 100+ legendary tattoo artists have already signed-in to participate in the first tattoo convention in Decentraland organized by our team in february 2022.

We hope to be able to live-Mint wearable tattoos at this event for the visitors !
:arrow_right: The 30 000 visitors that we had at our last event will be invited to discover Decentraland

Please support our project by giving us some feedbacks below and help us get curated !

You can visit our website for whitelist and project roadmap and if you like tattoos and our project, join us backstage on Discord !

Cheers !

More about virtual tattoos ?

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Here is our discord server

Come visit :slight_smile:

Looks awesome! Great initiative on top, definitely will get one of these!

You can help us by liking our tattoo shop project on the scene pool of the decentraland builder :point_left:

Hey @TinTin#e0cb! How are you?

These wearables are awesome!

Noticed neither of these wearables have female representation. Do you want to add it?

On the other hand, IMO the thumbnail is very difficult to understand. I think make it simpler without too much logo, etc would help! Let me know


I don’t need to add the female representations as they are designed as real tattooos: totally unique for unique persons who are males in these cases.
We are trying to make tattoos as wearables as authentic as possible but of course we can add female versions if required for curation.

OK with the male version only, i just wanted to tell you that you can also add a female representation in the same wearable.

Please change the thumbnail to one that shows the wearable!
Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 00.44.49


OK, i did a female version too just in case.

Visit our tattoo shop in Decentraland

collection approved!

Great thanks !! :pray: We are submitting the next one !