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Nice to meet you, this is A tea master.

We are thinking of a plan where you can enjoy Japanese culture such as kimono and tea ceremony on Decentraland.

First of all, I uploaded one set of kimono that I produced, but I uploaded it as a test.

Once approved, we will upload 15 works including kimono for women and kimono for men.

I’m also thinking about Give away. Please look forward to it.

And to all the committee members, please give us your feedback and approval.

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This wearable is a masterpiece :heart_eyes: I can’t wait to see these events

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スクリーンショット 2022-01-26 9.02.40
スクリーンショット 2022-01-26 9.02.30

These are full body Kimono image.
Please check them.
Thank all,


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My Kimono is still under reviwe…

How can I get feedback?

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Hey, awesome wearable!

The upper body is using 1 more material than what is allowed. You can only have 2 + default skin material, so 3 in that case.

Also the emissive on the front is very emissive, do you want to tone this down or is it as intended?

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Thanks for your great feedback!
I will fix and upload later.

In addition I uploaded another also. Please give your feedback for link one.

Hi Chestnutbruze,

I have made the corrections you mentioned. Could you please review it again?

Could you give review this link’s new one also?

Hey looks good

Last thing i would point out is that the skinning on the legs should be improved, specifically around the knee part, it deforms very strangely

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Thank! I will fix soon.

I placed the neon lights at the base of the legs where there is less movement, but what do you think?

Looks good to me, approving now :+1:

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Nice work and beautiful result

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Thanks for your review and approving.
This is my debut work!

If you don’t mind.

Please check another KIMONO.

congratz on getting this approved!!

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I’m hoping to get some activity going from here. Thank you.

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I’ve changed the image in the details in the editor without knowing that I need to get approval again. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but please review and approve again.

It would also be great if you could review the next kimono as well. In the future, we will add new items to the approved collections.

Hi Chestnutbruze,

I re-uploaded the GLB file from the Edit representation in the builder. I have reverted to the original icon that was approved. Can you please re-review the file?