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Men’s Kimono

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Cool Kimono Hakama LowerBody

Cool Kimono Haori Upper Body

HAORI & HAKAMA are men’s kimono formal wear. It is still worn at weddings, coming-of-age ceremonies, tea ceremonies, etc.

I would like to have a kimono party or tea party at Decentraland.

We also offer women’s kimonos, though they are still under review.



Hello @ateamaster checking this now!

Hey @ateamaster
You should fix the hips of the lowerbody, check pictures:

Thanks for the quick feedback.
I will fix it!

Hi @fabeeobreen,
Sorry for the wait! We have completed the correction of the areas that were pointed out and cut off. Please review again.

Hello @ateamaster !
Much better! Check the hips, you should weight stronger that part to avoid any clipping when moving

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Hi @fabeeobreen,

Thanks for the quick review. Please give me some time.

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Sure! Take your time! :slight_smile:

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Hi @fabeeobreen,

Thanks for waiting. I’ve fixed the points you pointed out. Please review.

By the way,
Is it possible for anyone other than the builder to check the animation?
If there is a system to test wearable before approve in the decentraland, I think it would be more efficient in the future.
I am not sure about the neck correction, as I may not have been able to reproduce the running animation.
If there is a mechanism for the above, I would like to know about it!

Hey @ateamaster !
Rig is looking fine except for the hips: there are still some clipping issue. Probably moslty coming from the lower body. You want to avoid disconnection at all from upper body and you don’t want any clipping when the avtar is moving. Right now you can see it by playing the “dance” animation in the editor. (check images below)

Of course you can preview your wearables in-world by switching to ropsten network. Find how in this video: Decentraland: How to Submit Wearables to the DCL Forum for Approval - YouTube
from 1:38

Let me know when you are ready :slight_smile: cheers!

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Hi @fabeeobreen,

Thank you for keeping me waiting.

We have tried to improve it, how do you think it is?

I think the Hip side is perfect.

Thanks again for all your help.

Hello @ateamaster ,

You are welcome!
We still have the same problem with the rig.
It come from both upper and lower pieces.

What you wanto to do is select the vertices around the “belt” and assign them full weight to the hip bone. Both for the upper and lower body.
Those verts must stay connected so they need to be full weighted to the same joint (hip)
Avoid having any other joint affecting those vertices.

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Hello @fabeeobreen,

Thank you for your detailed and prompt review.
I will give it a try.
Please wait a while.

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Hi @fabeeobreen,

We reworked the mesh from scratch so that the joints match.Because of this, the shape and pattern have changed slightly. At the same time, I added neon lights.

Please re-review.

Hello @ateamaster ! Good job!

  • The lower body is good to go!!

  • There is just a little disconnection from upper body, on the hips:
    Ensure the vertices connected to the lowerbody are full weighted to the hip bones. Whithout being affected by other bones :slight_smile:

Almost there!

Hi @fabeeobreen,

Thank you for everything. How about this one?
As far as I have visually confirmed by putting it in World, the gap between the upper and lower body is gone.

Hello @ateamaster !
Good job!! :slight_smile: rigging is now correct for both pieces!
One last thing: In-world items are not double sided, do you want to add back geometry to have your kimono double sided and avoid transparency? Check image

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Hi @fabeeobreen,

Thank you every time. Here it is, lined over the hakama!

Hello @ateamaster !
Cool!! Just close this last hole and you are done! :slight_smile:

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