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Cool Kimono

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Meta Kimono Cool BLK Upper

Meta Kimono Cool BLK Lower


This is a gorgeous kimono with a beautiful Flower peony pattern that is well-liked and often used in Japanese kimonos.

The black base has a flower pattern and neon lights.

It is generally designed for women, but we have made it unisex.

This is the second kimono I’ve made, but I’ll upload many more when I get approval.

I hope that everyone in Decentraland will enjoy the Japanese cultural kimono.

And here is the first kimono I applied for, but it is still under review. Please take a look at it as well.

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Very nice, How did you paint the weight on the legs?

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I asked my friend who is kind of professional. But it was very headache w

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@ateamaster It was amazing

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Hi, reviewing your collection right now :slight_smile:

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There is a gap between male legs and your kimono body, can you adapt kimono model better for male avatar?

The same with legs on male avatar, requires better adaptation, to avoid overlaps :slight_smile:

Also, i would like to recommend do skinning for this part better, for better and smooth look of shape

There is also overlap of arms part and body on female avatar, so definetely requires better skinning for smooth result. :+1:

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I will fix later! Thanks!!

So Beautiful I love it! :heart:

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Hi theankou,

I fixed skinning and changed only for female avatar.
Could you review again?


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Hi, thank you, i will check your collection today!

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Hi theankou,

If you can, please review this one as well. It has been approved once, but I think that changing the preview image unintentionally caused the under review status again.


Good wearable! However, “tongue” part requires some skinning polishing:

Can you try to fix this overlap with avatar body when running?

Can you close hole on dress bottom part?

I recommend you to snap top border of your dress to bottom border of female body, after that set border vertices weight to 1 on hip bone, that way you will avoid that overlap like on screenshot, and you will have seamless transition between dress and body :slight_smile:

As for me, icons doesnt look very well, icon size should be 256x256 or 512x512 and background should be transparent

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Thank you for the detailed review. I will fix it again!

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Hey! How are you? Waiting for wearable updates! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for calling! Please wait for a while now.

Hi theankou,

Sorry, I will update tomorrow.

Sorry it took so long.
It’s hard to get it perfect. How about this?

As i see in-game, icons are good now! But other issues that i listed before - still not fixed, can you fix them please?