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Life is a journey…

Hey! I will check collection now!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hello @theankou , I’m new and I didn’t know you are trying to communicate with me through this forum until someone mentioned to me through DCL chat. I was expected an email regarding the status of my application.
With that being said, I’m still learning creating wearables and I really didn’t understand what exactly I should do to fix both markings shown on the screenshot.
Also, I would like to know what model I should use to make my T-shirt to be worn with both genders. I can make male and female wearables but I don’t know how to merge them together. Could you please elaborate a bit more?

Hi! You can add female or male representation as separate GLB file for current male or female version of wearable in collection:

@theankou The requested corrections has been completed. Thank you for the clear instruction. Please let me know if there is anything I should do.

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thank you for update, i will check collection in near 15-30 minutes

Hey @4TU ! Female and Male version seems fine, but there is one thing that left to be fixed:

  • (for both M and F) marked area should be assigned (weight painted) to 1 to “hip” bone, to avoid issues like on this screenshot:

vertices in marked area of t-shirt (front and back) should be assigned to 1 to hip bone

there is something wrong with model skinning itself, in-game it looks broken :frowning:

you can test your wearable in-game by going to collection, hit three dots and then hit “see in world” button

Thank you! I’ll check it out.

@theankou I hope I have done everything correctly. I’m hopping to get approval at this time. :crossed_fingers:

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How can I share screenshots?

I usually do print screen and ctrl+v to message, thank you for update, i will check collection now

@theankou Thank you! I have figured it out. I used the upload button.

Hey! I checked in-game, this row of vertices should be assigned to 1 to hip bone too:

@theankou Could you please tell me exactly what I should do to fix this problem? I’m really lost.

@theankou I found the issue. I have done everything correctly but forgot to save the last edit. Please check it out, I really appreciate your patient with me.

@theankou @collections I was hopping to finish up with the correction by Friday and start selling on Saturday. I really appreciate if you can check the collection today so I can start selling tomorrow, if it’s approved,

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all seems fine except issue with neck, vertices in marked area should be set to 1 to neck bone


@theankou Correction has been made. Please check it out.

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