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Star Pet 2 2022 by Oltecs

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BLACKY Star Pet by Oltecs

  • Description: Sparky´s brother, which is not that friendly
  • Rarity: epic
  • Category: top_head

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is there a way i can see if the glowing of the item is ok? i will wait for comments if need changes for approval, thank you

Waiting for response of the committee

jeje. I like this one too. Good job. Hope it gets approved soon!

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You can check it in world

Thanks @StoneyEye , but when i click see in world it appears an error that says that i am in the wrong network, that i need to change it from ethereum to ropsten network, how to I do that what is ropsten network ?

You change network in the dropdown menu in your metamask account

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Approved it now @Oltecs :+1:

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I made Some Changes @Chestnutbruze, i change the intensity of the glow and some colors, the thumbnail is already changed to, could you check it and approve it again please.

Waiting for approval of the changes

collection re approved!

hi shibu, i see it got approved, but the thumbnail didnt changed, what proceeds?

oh, did you push the changes before?

I think first i changed the desgind and then the thumbnail, but everything was the same day before asking for the re apporval. in the builder it shows with the new thumbnail, but in the collection and in the only item that i minted it still has the older thumbnail

What should i do so the thumbnail is updated