Collection 'Royal Suits Club x DCLRealEstate' created by Klockmann#f76d is ready for review!

Royal Suits Club x DCLRealEstate

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Royal Golden King’s Suit

Royal Black Classic Bitcoin Suit

Royal White Gentleman’s Suit


Hey guys! The Royal Suits Club is hopefully soon ready on marketplace :smiley: :rocket:


This is such a vibe!


Thanks man :smiley: Appriciate it, i think so too!

Sooo clean. lets get it

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@Lauretta @michi @Shibu @Malloy

Would love if any of you would take a look and let me know what you think of the new business suits in town!

Thank you for your work, i know you’re busy :smiley:

Black and Gold suit… <3

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Hey @Sango @Yannakis can you review my collection? :smiley:

Thanks alot! :smiley: appriciate it man

Will take a look at these now!

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Hey looks like you have some flipped normals on the buttons. Also let me know if the glow on the collar is intentional. Half is glowing and half is black. Tag me here when youve fixed it!


Should be fixed now! Can you recheck? @Yannakis

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Collection approved!

Wow @Klockmann direct rip off of DG suit. @Yannakis this needs to be changed asap. He is using our exact geo. Sad to see this got through the committee. this outfit nmgi lol!


No it’s not a copy. It’s not even the same pattern. So go away troller :rocket:

@MetaWear can you back me up here. Since you designed them

Decentral Games, most childish company ever. Banned me in the discord for accusations without proof. Jesus what a reputation to give yourself. Try to act as an adult, i did not copy your wearable - i ordered them by a designer, and it got approved. Not my problem you think its alike. Do you have monopol on all suits?

Then all cowboy hats should be removed too. All shirts should be removed too, cause 1 guy made them in the beginning.

Also claiming in the #general chat of Decentral Games “that they will just get a comitee member, to change it, no worries”

LOL you must not be able to see or look at a file ser. are you stuck in web 2??

“Lol” Im not a tech guy. Im just saying facts, that my wearables does not look like yours - and just because you represent one of the biggest contributers of DCL, you should act better as a representive of Decentraland.

Im sorry if you feel stolen, i feel you. But i’ve done nothing wrong, and their is room for other suits than yours in the Metaverse. Let’s get some admins in here or NONE BIAS comitee members, that aint your friends