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Private Jet 8

Reviewing this collection now.

Very cool idea!

  1. Consider making some kind of “inner compartment” for the plane, as of now avatar’s head is floating inside which is not cool (see attached screenshot). It’s not supposed to be very detailed inner compartment, but something that stops users from seeng throught the model.

  1. Consider playing with rigging a little bit: as of now, plane is wobbling left and right during movement. Rigging to not only one bone would help make it behave steadier during animations.

Hi! I have placed a compartment in the plane, however, It looks fine on the builder but I tested in the world itself, it seems to abstract out the compartment. Any advice on why is it happening?




You need to flip normals of those polygons, they face inwards right now. It looks fine in Blender because Backface culling material setting (that disables vizualisation of the inner side of polygons) is off by default. Turning it on might help in the engine, too, but technically it’s not the right way to fix the thing in this case.

Oh, and don’t forget to smooth the edges of the inner part :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip! Will work on it!

Ok, switched the normals and cleaned up a bit! Please check!

Hey, collection approved!