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Mutani x Shayli Harrison

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Bow Peepin’ Dress

I will check collection now

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi! Limit for upper_body + lower_body category is 3000 triangles, 4 mats, 4 textures
currently you have 4500 triangles 3 mats 5 textures, you will need to reduce triangles and textures count

also, add this categories to hiding list:

  • lower_body

Would it be within the limit as a skin instead? Would this item classify as a skin?

skin covers whole avatar, you will need to make head, hair, foot
so, i’m not sure that this wearable match skin category

Is it possible to adjust the asset and hiding list after submission for publishing?
I would also like to make the asset available for male and female if that is also an option.

yes, its possible :slight_smile: no need to pay any fees
yes, you can use your wearable for both m and f

Amazing, working on the asset adjustments now - how do I go about resubmitting the asset and making the changes? Shall I just link you?

you just update files and then push changes, let me know when you will push updates

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Hi @theankou , helping out on this, stay tuned, thanks for your help xxxx

Hi, how do I update the files exactly?

go to collection, click on item inside of collection, there will be window with edit button

I dont see any edit option?

this one

or you can click button “preview in editor” and in new window in right corner there will be “pen” button, you can click on it and that way you will be able to edit model too

Ok should be good to go! I saved the changes, do I need to do anything else?

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all good now, but you still go above 3000 triangles limit, you will need to hide any additional category or reduce triangle count from 3400 to 3000 or less

I’m not really sure how the hide category works but would you be able to make a suggestion in that regard?

i think in your situtation the best way will be to reduce 400 tris (small tip: you can reduce ~200 triangles on hands)

or as i think, you can add facial_hair category to hiding list, because other categories is most popular and people will complain that they can’t combine your wearable with something else

Hey Shayli have you tried hiding the facial hair category and resubmitting? Let me know if that worked.