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Metaverse Bar Association

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MetBA T-Shirt

I will check collection now!

thumbnail should have transparent background
please provide IP rights to

Hi @theankou! Thanks for reviewing our shirt. We’ve updated the thumbnail to include a transparent background.

RE: IP rights, please let me know what details I can provide. We just announced the Metaverse Bar Association (MetBA) yesterday, and are looking to offer this wearable free to our members, as well as offer this to our visitors at our open house event tomorrow on our Decentraland property (-62,-9).

If you require information regarding our association, feel free to review our links below:

MetBA website:
MetBA Twitter account:
My Twitter account:
Announcement from one of our founders (from yesterday):
Additional press regarding the MetBA (from today):


you will need to send all IP rights info to team, they will guide you on all needed stuff

Thank you, I have sent an email to, hopefully we hear back soon as the event is tomorrow!

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collection approved!

Thank you @theankou!