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Menstruation Machine

  • Description: The wearable allows avatars to menstruate in metaverse.
  • Rarity: unique
  • Category: skin

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It is an outline of the work.

This is a Decentraland Wearable of the artwork “Menstruation Machine” by artist Sputniko!

Menstruation Machine explores the relationship between identity, biology, and choice, while also inquiring into the meaning of gender-specific rituals. The metal device, which is equipped with a blood-dispensing system and electrodes that stimulate the lower abdomen, replicates the pain and bleeding of the average five-day menstruation period. It is designed to be worn by biological men, postmenopausal women, or whoever else wants to experience menstruation.

More information is on the artist’s website. Sputniko!

Selected Exhibitions
2010 Transformation - Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
2011 Talk to Me - MoMA NY
2014 Design and Violence - MoMA NY
2016 GLOBALE: New Sensorium – The ZKM Center for Art and Media, Germany
2017 Japanorama - Centre Pompidou-Metz, France
2019 Broken Nature - Milan International Design Triennial

i will review this now

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Is it possible to change the rarity now?

could you get rid of the blood, we cannot accept it with blood untill there is a NSFW filter

Hello, I am Sputniko! (Hiro Ozaki) … the artist of this piece.
Unfortunately, the meaning of this piece would not be the same without menstrual blood.
Could you please explain why this can’t become a wearable in Decentraland?
For most biological women, we routinely see and deal with menstrual blood every month.
I don’t know why something so ordinary in our everyday lives, can’t be expressed in the metaverse?
I truly want this piece to be available in Decentraland, so please give me advice.

Firstly, we like to protect the innocent as there are younger people who may enjoy decentraland that we would like keep being able to enjoy, once there is a NSFW filter we would be able to accept this. with the NSFW filter it will work like the profanity filter in which the items will be hidden unless the NSFW filter has been switched off.

Secondly, yes women do deal with menstration but being covered in it like your model is, is not normal. same goes for men and seamen, completely normal but walking around covered in it is far from normal. Blood is normal too but being covered in it, also not normal. …and i could go on and on.

I hope this helps you see a bit more clearly

Firstly, we like to protect the innocent as there are younger people who may enjoy decentraland that we would like keep being able to enjoy

Menstruation is taught to children as part of health education in school, and children also deal with it themselves as young as elementary school age.

Secondly, yes women do deal with menstration but being covered in it like your model is, is not normal.

I created a wearable that makes avatars menstruate in a “normal” way (whatever normal is) but that was also rejected (see below)

One of the meanings behind the piece is to address the taboo and stigma surrounding menstruation. To allow for it to be visible and to prevent it from being something that is seen as shameful or secretive - this social stigma has been used to oppress and marginalise women and their health needs.

Films, television, and other forms of cultural representation are trying to address this and convey the importance of menstrual health (which is overlooked alongside other issues of female health) and the problems of menstrual stigma in society.

Even television advertisements surrounding menstrual products no longer censor the use of red-coloured menstrual blood. Menstruation and menstrual blood are even represented in PG-rated Disney/Pixar films (Turning Red) and as an emoji.

If the depiction of menstruation is censored in Decentraland, the Metaverse risks reinforcing these negative ideas, perpetuating the very stigmas and exclusionary practices that have been overcome in more traditional cultural representation…?

if you see this as so normal, how come you didn’t have blood stained clothes in your music video?

I don’t understand your question.
Just because something’s normal, why do I need to put it into my artwork?

I don’t know what gender you are, but if you’re a man - please ask your mother or any female friend.
I’m sure she has had at least one or two (many people more) experiences of staining her jeans or pants with period blood in her life. That’s completely normal.

The expression of blood was changed to blue.
Please approve.

Approval, please.

@Sango this submission requires your attention. @MISOSHITA in the future please note you need to @ your curator to push this into their inbox where they can note it needs evaluation.

Best wishes!

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