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**Period-stained Jeans **

Period-stained Shorts

Period-stained Chino pants

Created by artist Sputniko, this wearable allows avatars to perform menstruation in the Metaverse.

With the world thrust into the third wave of web innovation and the dawn of virtual realities altering the way we work, live and interact with each other upon us, the Menstrualverse collection re-examines questions of identity, biology and choice within this emerging landscape.

Commissioned by UnicornDAO, a decentralised crypto-art organisation founded to address inequalities in the Web3 space, Menstrualverse questions how gender is performed in our adoption of avatars to navigate these new virtual worlds. Will avatars offer new affordances of gender expression, self-determination and identity performance - or merely supply limited choices between controlled modes of gender expression and performance?

Offering the Menstrualverse collection in Decentraland allows users to create an avatar that, by wearing the wearable, acquires the ability to perform menstruation. This would allow for the first public performance of menstruation in the Metaverse.

With their increasing user base and power, these new virtual reality platforms are becoming increasingly woven into the fabric of our society. Who should be left to engineer and design these new realities and the possibilities of bodies and their performance within them? Will the Metaverse become a menstruation-free world? What other existing biological and identity-based rituals will become obsolete in our adoption of avatars to explore these new virtual worlds?

By presenting Menstrualverse against this uncertain backdrop, pertinent questions are raised about the possibilities, and current limitations, of autonomy and bodily performance in the ever-expanding Metaverse.

Hello checking this now

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

Tech is good!

  • please remove the blood patch.
  • update all thumb to 512x512 px

Hello there, I am Sputniko - artist of this project.

Why do you need to remove the blood patch?

I created this wearable so avatars can menstruate in the metaverse.
The whole idea of this wearable will not work without the blood patch?
(It’s such a tiny, tiny patch too)

Wait Thumbnail 512x512 px Don’t you mean 1024x1024 px? :woozy_face:

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Hello @OfficialCryptoCube , @Sputniko

  • Thumbs images can be 1024x1024 however:
    Using a 512x512 will make the wearable items lighter for the system.
    A 1024 thumb is just waste of space in my opinion since the thumbnails are very tiny in any game experience. Wearables that impact more than 2 MB will not be approved. I hope this clarify your question.
  • I understand the concept. Tho blood on wearables is not allowed.

I would suggest you to find a more creative way to express your ideas.

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ive recently been thrown an error when trying to approve a 1024x1024 thumbnail and it only went through with a 512x512 thumbnail


Exactly, me too actually
Having all thumbs 512x512 is the best option.

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I say that and was wondering only because I was asked to make Mine 1024x1024 I thought we changed the Size But I guess its always been either Size Just depends on the curator It seems :+1:

I don’t think you answered my question - why is this wearable’s small patch of menstrual blood absolutely not allowed? Especially when objects like this exist in Decentraland? I’m just curious.

Hello @Sputniko
We do not allow blood on player’s wearables.
That one in your image is not a wearable item.

Let me take your issue to the curators team and ask for their feedback.
I’ll let you know if we can make an exception for your specific case.

Hello @Sputniko
Blood on wearables is not allowed.
Please update your design

This is terrible, can you please share the co-ordinates and I’ll report this ASAP~

Hello @fabeeobreen
Will the wearable be approved if menstrual blood is colored blue?

Yes I think this can be an option

That’s ridiculous… menstruating blue blood is not “normal”

Honestly, I’m sick and tired of living in a world that acts like something happening to my body (and many other women’s body) ever since I’m 11 years old does not exist, is unsafe and should be hidden away. I thought Web3 & the Metaverse might offer a more inclusive world but it looks like this crazy worldview is still perpetuating.

Considering the gory objects I’ve seen in Decentraland, I honestly didn’t think the menstruation wearables will be rejected?

  • Rules are rules, and applies for everyone.
  • Any blood on the character no matter where it comes from or is located is forbidden till we have the NSFW filter that will protect younger audiences.
  • Your wearable has not been rejected, you should update your design for approvation. Try to focus on something different than blood between legs.

My personal opinion:

  • If you own a parcel you should be able to use it as you want without any limitation.
    Like creating horror games or DOOM fan experience.
    Of course if you insert disturbing stuff, that should be taken down after community reports.
    And personally, i don’t find horror style disturbing.
    While people must visit your parcel in order to see your content, that doesn’t apply for wearable items.

  • Blood on wearables is a no-no for any kind of concept at the moment. Don’t take it personal.

The expression of blood was changed to blue.
Please approve.

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