Collection 'KingX | MetaSpace Collection' created by KingX is ready for review!

As you can see you do not have permission, they allow people to download their models but not to redistribute for commercial profit.

As you have lied about this I’d recommend fellow curators to freeze previous KingX branded wearables under suspicion of theft until you can prove IP license on anything you submit henceforth.

Will post thread for curator discussion and report back here;

Wearable collectors, please think twice before funding art theft, it is a major point of contention in the game development, artist community and incidents like this make it worse. It isn’t “being smart”, it is flagrant theft and makes blockchain tech and DCL as a platform look shady and become a talking point for disuading more onboarding. Big love to the community for spotting this; @michi @NikkiFuego @Doki


Hey @Malloy I have the right not only to download, but also to commercial use. I proved this to at the time. My intention is not to steal, it is absolutely unacceptable for you to say that. If I had not used this product for commercial purposes, my product would not have been reapproved. Kind regards…

You could write an email, using a google docs template with a Tesla logo on saying you had permission, signed off by Elon Musk but it wouldn’t be true. We have heard directly from the ReadyPlayerMe team that you don’t have permission to download and redistribute on another platform for commercial profits.

As a curator that cares about this platform it is the absolute definition of acceptable for me to say this after having heard directly from the IP owners.

By all means, if you’re concerned about this damaging your reputation, take me to court on the grounds that my comments are damaging your profits from the distribution of stolen assets.

I’ll post back here with what the curators unanimously decide to do regarding this case. Thank you for your patience.


R.I.P. rips

Ripping from other games is never a good idea.

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Unless you’re DOCTORd-ripping :drum: :boom:


Take a look at the products I found in the market in about 30 minutes! All of them are “fire free” and “ready player me”. These collections are products that came out before my products. But no one spoke out about it. But when I did the same, I became “THE THIEF”. The texture of the products has either changed or minor trimmings have been made and all have been approved.

I’m sure there are hundreds of products like this.

Ok, well you might be proving a case to ban all SketchFab/Creative Commons licensed assets because if you have downloaded these under a false pretence of creative commons license, SketchFab and the users uploading stolen assets have cost you greatly.

Regardless, people shouldn’t deem is acceptable to download Sketchfab creative commons licensed assets anyway because under that license, what happens if two people download from sketchfab and upload to DCL marketplace? We don’t operate on a first come first serve when you don’t own the rights to the IP.

I apologise regarding my tone if you were under the illusion you had permission to submit these stolen assets via SketchFab license umbrella but sadly you don’t. FreeFire. If FreeFire lawyers found out you were profitting from their assets;

They would bury you in a legal war. It also is bad for DCL’s reputation so please stop doing it. Invest in your skills, here is a great tutorial series if you aspire to create assets of the quality you have been submitting:

First of all, I would like to state that I have taken samples from the products I have shown above. At the time, I thought this was legitimate as you did not impose any sanctions on these products. If you had a sanction on this matter then, I would not have produced such content.

If you don’t approve of my product, you shouldn’t approve of all products released this way either. It would be unfair to me that my products are not approved as long as these products are on the market. So all products on the market should be examined. Because there are many such products.

I will no longer post such content. But the products I have shared so far should remain on the market. If it will not remain in the market, I demand that such products be removed from all of them.

Also, I would like @Malloy from the valuable curator team to speak in a better style. Talking like that as well will have a bad effect on DCL’s reputation. Kind regards…

Agree to disagree, I feel having the marketplace flooded with stolen assets is worse for reputation than a vigilant curator.

Ready Player Me own the IP of some of your submissions so within their right to have them disabled.

You may not like the way I have spoken but I dislike entitlement to profit from stolen assets. You may feel they weren’t stolen but they were. Not a debating point, just a fact.

I apologised under the potential case you were not aware you had downloaded stolen assets from Sketchfab etc…

I just used Collection 'KingX | Dino Collection' created by KingX is ready for review! from “Ready Player Me”. I’ve seen it from someone on Sketchfab too. I didn’t know anything about “Ready Player Me”. I haven’t used their other products since I learned this. But this collection has nothing to do with “Ready Player Me”.

“‘KingX | MetaSpace Collection’” I found these products from Sketchfab. I didn’t know there was such a game. There are dozens of people and hundreds of products like me. I just think you have a problem with me. In order for me to think otherwise, all such products have to leave the market. If you can’t remove it, you need to re-approve this collection of mine.

I think this is unfair. If you can’t be fair about this, I have to go into all the products one by one and say that they are stolen and ask everyone for a license. Do you think this should be the solution?

I don’t have a problem with you personally, just people who use other people’s hard work for self monetary gains when artists worked long hard hours, not only on the asset but the time to learn how to make that said asset.

If you can’t see what is wrong with what you’re doing then I can’t help you on a personal level. On a curation level we are aware the assets in this thread are from a game owned by Garena (publishing), FreeFire. We are discussing what to do and will let you know what the situation is with the FreeFire assets.

The ReadyPlayerMe will have to be disabled as the owners of the IP have said they did not give permission.

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Of course, in such a case, I will replace both FireFree and Ready Player Me products. But there are many products stolen from these companies, the ones I’ve shown above are just a few examples. I just want it to be replaced like this on other stolen products.

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If you let us know which ones are stolen we can get to work!


First I need to change the content of MetaSpace and Dino Costume. I don’t want to steal anyone’s work. I thought this is how I could use the License rights in Sketchfab. But I learned that it is not that way. Kind regards…


Thank you for your cooperation, looking forward to seeing your resubmissions! :fire:


Just dropping this, the user that uploaded this design to sketchfab hasn’t got permissions to approve commercial licensing and claims this was uploaded for personal use only.

I believe there’s been a misunderstanding as to what’s allowed to be sold and creative commons licensing. @ferdiyusufdemir @NikkiFuego @DOCTORdripp @AndreusAs

This is currently getting discussed in the committee and the solution will be voted on by the community on the best way forward and @Malloy will submit a proposal.

For now these collections are on hold till legal review the information provided alongside the art director.


What about the KingX | OniNeon Collection? Is it under the same cloud of IP infringement as the other wearables mentioned here?


I’m not too sure what game this can be from and I think the design is a bit generic to be too IP, I requested the script from one leg to be removed and the kanji is mirrored/flipped so even if it’s a rip I think it’s been changed enough to a point that it should be ok for this user in particular. (as I wouldn’t encourage any future users to use rips/free assets)
Unless there’s an IP dispute or possibly something flagged during the process I don’t see why this one cant be re-enabled once there’s a resolution.

It’s a bit of a tough one and currently the discussion is being had with legal (who @ferdiyusufdemir sent proof of ownership to) so hopefully it can be resolved swiftly.

I’ll be putting a proposal up shortly to enable a safety net when buying from new users but in this case I think @Malloy is also looking for a solution that benefits the community.

Let me know if I can support further!
This is reply @ZESTYBEAM , not sure if I replied to your post or just clicked post reply!

The amount of hours I’ve dedicated to just learning blender to make even Mid ass wearables was so hard.
I literally quit my job to have more time to create wearables (and other things) for a little while. Seeing these dope ass wearables gave me hope back in the day. More and more screenshots came out and it jus made me sad seein your name on some of Stateless’s lists.

if you did steal all these, you better send those creators MANA for all the WORK THEY did.

I know damn well a lot of the actual community has spent countless time behind these monitors to create something for us. things like this happening are just another way to spit in artists face.

Personally I just want my art to help pay rent or buy a meal, now their art is helping pay for your life.
Literally stealing someone’s livelihood

Leeching off of someone else’s success is only fun temporarily. in the end, you will be forgotten and they will be surrounded by love.

hopefully none of this pertains to you, but if it does, I hope it sticks.