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Honey Bear of Decentraland

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**Honey Pooh Bear **

hi do you have rights to use the whinny the pooh IP?

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The collection has been assigned to Sango

Just hopping in with some info on this; Winnie The Pooh is public domain but only if you ignored the use of the phrase ‘Winnie The Pooh’ and don’t include the red shirt: How ‘Public’ is the Public Domain? Winnie-the-Pooh Illustrates Copyright Limitations of Public Domain Works



“Milne’s 1926 book is in the public domain, but changes to Winnie-the-Pooh, the character, from the original 1926 book are still under copyright protection. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh did not wear a red shirt; another author gave Pooh his shirt and Disney acquired rights to that depiction in 1961 and continues to own the rights to showing the character in a little red shirt today.” You will still need to get usage rights for this model unless you take the shirt off.

Thanks @Malloy ! :smiley:


Hi guys, Android 18 here. Sorry I’m new to this forum, I had no idea that there was this Chat that we’re in, the name of this bear isn’t winnie the pooh. The name is Honey Pooh Bear, The rights to winnie the pooh is a public domain I checked (But i made sure not to use the same name). If you see my bear in world Mine is much taller and she just isn’t as wide as winnie, the legs are way longer and she doesn’t have the same smile. It’s just not the same bear 3 dimensionally, why can I not have a red shirt on a yellow bear? Who’s name is not even winnie. Would a different PNG suffice?

it’s like saying you can’t have any sailor man holding a can of spinach because popeye was a sailorman and he holds a can of spinach. Please don’t make me spend another $150 in mana, just to take that shirt off. thank you so much @Sango

Peace and Love always.

you dont need to repay to reupload the 3d model. going by the thumbnail you will need to remove the shirt to abide by the public domain use of the character

Oh thank goodness, Thank you for your reply. I have uploaded my new GLB, this new bear should not infringe on any copy rights Laws. Thank you for your assistance @Sango @collections

Is there any way you guys can show everyone the new PNG, I totally changed it. My bear is now orange, it’s shirt has white racing stripes down the middle and back and the sleeves as well. I worked really hard and I extruded each tile piece by piece, Not some Artificial Intelligence program. So please allow my bear to enter into the fray, and let some of my fans enjoy wearing one of my bear costumes in Decentraland.

could you move the ankles apart a bit so the feet dont sit on the same space and clip?

theres a gap in the mouth which lets you see through the model

could you also adapt the belly so that the arms dont clip it?

the thumbnail needs changing too. if you just put one image of the character in it it will be much more clearer

The Disney names will need removing from the tags too

Hi @Sango,

I have moved the legs so they are no longer clipping, I fixed the arms to allow the arms to move better, But I did purposely kept the arms and legs tighter to give the bear a dorky posture. I thought it’d be cuter like that, I left the mouth open because I was trying to save on the polygons, but I’m Way below the count so I closed it up, And the colors are the way I want them. I took out the tags like you wanted to. I also created a new PNG for the market place showing the model front and back. I checked it out in the test network and it looks fine. I hope it is satisfactory now. Thank you for your time.


all looks good, just ned you to remove the text from the thumbnail. logos are fine but the text needs to go to make it look cleaner. it wont be readable in the backpack due to the thumbnail being so small

All done. Lord… New PNG @Sango thank you. I must say if it wasn’t for you, my end result wouldn’t have looked as good. so I do appreciate everything that has happened and rest assured my next work will not step on any toes. :heart: :raised_hands: :heart_hands:

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This collection has been approved :slight_smile:

Thank you, Thank you so much!!

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