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Galaxy Head

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Galaxy Hair - Shiny Star

Hey, I’ve discussed with the committee about this. And we are worried it could still be an issue with copyright, it is just too similar to the original. The strands of the hair are identical on the front, and the brush strokes, colouring and the glow also are very similar. Somebody buying this will be buying it due to the likeness of the goku hairstyle, so it could be profiting off of an established brand. However we obviously cannot reject any spiky anime hair that comes along, so if you edit it more and put your own spin on it essentially, then it can be approved.

Sorry about the extra work this will require, it looks great, and I can tell it took time and effort to pull off

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  1. Same here, consider rigging the female representation hair to different bones of the avatar’s skeleton according to how close it’s parts are to them. It would make the hair look much more lively.

  2. I’m not sure it’s an issue, but the female representation glowing parts look a little bit different to the male representation, see the video: Decentraland Google Chrome 2022 02 17 17 25 23 - YouTube
    Again, it’s not an issue itself, but it could be something you missed while testing.