Collection 'Elemental Guardians Hoodies' created by 0x622b...6342e is ready for review!

Thank you Sango! I hope you understand my dissatisfaction. Have a nice day.

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yes, i understand time is money. but please empathise with our situation also :slight_smile:

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Hello Sango, Any news?
3 days have passed, no information…

Hi Sango! If there is no answer about IP rights in main curators chat, you can ask in PM about it from anyone from legal team


Dear curators, 6 days have passed since the message was sent, no one has been checked for so long !!! I ask you to check it as soon as possible, refuse or let me sell my things !!! This situation causes me emotional damage !!!

Sango as I said earlier, I see no justice!!!
you have an approved collections “Angel of Darkness”, a company
Core Design and Beenox have created a game called “Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness”
I believe that this collection is similar to mine cannot be confirmed!!!
I conclude that you deliberately ordered an additional check in the legal department !!!
I ask you for a reasoned answer about the reason for the confirmation of the publication of the “Angel of Darkness” collection and the appointment of my collection to be checked in the legal department!!!

the tomb raider trade mark is for “TOMB RAIDER: ANGEL OF DARKNESS”…

I found another collection name that should have been sent to the legal department!

Voidrunner - creator RealityArts

I’m sure that if I start looking further I will find many such examples!! so I ask you to sort out after 6 days with my collection!

The name of my collection is “Elemental Guardians”
not “Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians”

youre really wasting your breath here, i said that your stuff will suffice, you just need to send it to the legal department.

If you sent them an email then i will be notified about that soon

I sent the first letter 6 days ago!!! No response from your legal department!

and the legal department i am not… Ive sent them a message to see if they have received it so all we can do is wait :slight_smile:

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Ok, I understand you!

Good afternoon! I read the branch, and I don’t understand why such names need some kind of legal justification. This is very strange in my opinion, and it does not look logical…


I don’t understand why it was necessary to raise the issue of copyright, there is clearly no violation

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Sango, just approve this collection! He is right, u just wasting his time! Maybe you have some personal reasons to slow this process?

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Ive just heard from the legal team and they are happy. i just need you to make the thumbnail background transparent then we are good to approve

The wearable committee is doing an amazing job at approving wearables at a fast pase recently. It wasnt like this in the past. Previous creators had to wait weeks to even months for approval. Patience is truly the answer. It seems like you are almost there to publish you hoodie. I cant wait to see it in the marketplace!


Dear Sango, I did everything you asked. Thank you for your approval of the collection)

Thank you very much, I understand, but I did not receive information about the progress of the verification … so I was worried.