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Angel of Darkness

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Angel of Darkness Suit

**Angel of Darkness Wings **

hi i will review this colelction now

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coiuld you add some geometry to the tiara area so it suits the category, thanks

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hi Sango thank you for prompt reply, sorry for the delay in replying, i was sick and all back to normal now. Concerning adding some geometry to the wings, can you please specify ? arent the wings equal ? or what is the right category they want for wings (i registered it as Tiara). Thank you in advance

good to hear you are feeling better. so to fit the tiara category you will need some geometry in the tiara area, or you could switch yit to above head and add geometry above the head

Thank you for your reply, i have shared your feedback on the developer, i will get back to you asap

Hi Sango, just wanted to double check with you, Weed wings in my inventory are set as Tiara so my wings should be ok right ? or do you feel theres a problem with geometry on the wings ?
Thanks in advance

please add geometry in the tiara area to make them fit the category

hi Sango, greetings, i have contacted my designer, do I need to add a small halo and make it as upper head ? i think geometry looks good

yeah halo or any sort of design in that area

ok Thanks will work on it

hi Sango greetings, i have uploaded a new version with Halo, please let me know your thoughts on it
Tks in advance

hi @Sango would you have time to review ? Thanks

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This collection has been approved

Thank you so much @Sango

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