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Decentraland Fashion

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Yellow Pika Pika Shock Jacket


That is straight up copyright infringement :sob: :skull:

A better view of the jacket.

I didn´t know that it may be a copyright infringement because I did some modifications on the wearable. Besides that, I saw some clothes on Decentraland that looks likes the cartoons with some modifications. Look the two images attached.


If the Curation Committee thinks that it has intellectual property rights issues I remain open to remake to further differentiate this design.

i will review this now. could you make it look less like the pikachu IP?

the creators of this wearable had to change it once it was noticed that it was a copy

Hi @Sango

I made some modifications on the wearable. I hope that it is ok now. Tks!

could you adjust the ear and tail design a bit?

Hi @Sango

I completly changed the Jacket. I think that it is ok now.

Thank you!

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nice work!

theres a bit of clipping on the back of the female version, could you sort this?

Hi @Sango

I made the correction. Tks.

this collection has been approved

Thank you very much!

You can buy this jacket clink on the link below.