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The collection has been assigned to theankou

sorry, but curation team do not approve skins like this :slight_smile:
first rule is that skin should follow humanoid shape, second rule is that skin should have working hands and shoes models

okay I did not know this, its my first wearable :frowning: but I have seen skins without feet (OG Round Robot - Decentraland Marketplace). Is there a detailed documentation about the hands/shoe criteria of a skin?

Wearables must follow the armature humanoid structure to ensure a good quality gameplay. In this sense, currently vehicles or pets are not allowed because these are not wearables by definition.

The sponge follows the amarture, so i was not worried about it :sweat_smile:
when you say humanoid shape, do you mean that a sponge cant be a character because its a sponge? :laughing:

When it will not be approved, is it possible to edit it or do I need to make a new item and pay the fee again? I’m confused sorry for the maybe dumb questions haha

edit: so if I add working hands and shoes, is there a better chance in approvement?

Sponge Bob is a good example of humanoid shape sponge, he have hands, eyes, mouth, legs, etc…

Yes, you can edit your current wearable collection at any time, you don’t need to pay any fees
Yes, if you will add hands and shoes collection will be approved


It now has arms and shoes :vulcan_salute:

how can I start the review again?

you don’t need to start it, i will check collection now

i think you should correct weight painting, because right now i see a lot of issues on some of emotes…

okay thank you, i did not noticed it.sorry for causing you trouble :sweat_smile:

I think its fine now :sweat_smile:

edit:wrong file, sorry

now its working :sweat_smile:

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hey @BETHESPONGE looks like model is broken in-world (you can test collection in-world by clicking three dots in collection, and then → see in-world)

this happens when your skeleton have bones with _end suffix you will need to delete them all to avoid that issue

thank you very much for the feedback.

I fixed the amarture, now it looks good for me.

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collection approved!

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Thank you very much for your help!

but now there is another issue.


this happens when texture goes outisde UV box

or if texture size dont follow power of two

okay i think its because the uvs, did not know that… is it possible to edit it now, after minting?

yes, let me know when you will push changes, i’ll re-approve collection