Collection 'BE THE SPONGE' created by BETHESPONGE is ready for review!

okay i have corrected the uvs

does the textures need to be squares? they are not uniformly.

yes, they should have size 512x512 or less

collection re-approved!

hi the problem is still there, i corrected the textures and hope it fixes it :sweat_smile:

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is it possible to see this kind of glitch before uploading? On the goerlie server was no clue about it.

you can see this issue if you will set texture tiling setting in blender to no clip / no repeat as i remember

l’ll re-approve collection soon

The collection has been assigned to theankou

collection re-approved, let me know if issue still here

It works now, thank you very much for your help and patience. I’ve learned much in this process.

have a nice day!


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