ATN GRANTEES: Please Contact DAO Facilitator for Onboarding & Updates

Attention New Grant Recipients: Please contact Matimio, the DAO Facilitator, to receive important information about how to receive your grant and requirements for providing the DCL community with regular updates on your project/progress.

Please send me a DM on Discord (Matimio#4673) or reach out by email ( to set up an onboarding meeting after the approval of your grant.

Attention Past Grant Recipients: Please take a moment to make sure you have completed the Grant Update Form, for our Grants Update Report:

We would like to be producing these reports monthly, however it is only possible if we get in a regular routine of providing Grant Updates. A procedure for this will hopefully be integrated into the Grant distribution system, however until this time, it is your responsibility to remember to provide these updates monthly, until the completion of your project.

I look forward to speaking with all of you about your wonderful projects! It is so exciting to see so many community-led initiatives being brought forward to and supported by our DAO.

Matimio, DAO Facilitator

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