Animal Armatures for Wearables?

I am trying to create wearable in the new SKIN category, and I’ve seen a few items that replace the entire body with say: a cockroach.

Is the cockroach actually moving its legs and antennas, or is it merely hovering off the ground with limited movement? I would like to know if there is any way that we can create a custom armature to mimic the movements of an animal or any “non bi-pedal” movement? Is this beyond the realm of what’s possible?


I know for a fact that you can replace the base model with any other model, like the Fly and the Cockroach you already mentioned.

However, i guess they’re still weight-painted to the basic armature :thinking:

Good question!

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That’s what I mean…everything is skin weighted to the default armature.

I’m confused as to how the legs of the cockroach can move like a roach’s would if it gets skin weighted to the human armature

There is a King black Dragon style wearable here:

I have seen this in game. I asked AustinDCL to dance with it and to my surprise all legs moved in opposites as like a real four leg animal. So it’s possible to be creative and make legs work.