Add co-ord/PoI search bar to map

Proposal: Adding a search bar to the map where you can enter the co-ord or text for the Place of Interest name

Motivation: Teleporting to locations is easier than walking but dragging round the map to find the exact co-ordinate or trying to find a specific place if you don’t know the co-ord is really challenging and time consuming. It would be much easier to navigate if you could search the map.

I’d suggest that it would need to be able to accept different formats e.g (100, -32) as well as 100, -32 and 100 -32 etc

On the names from the land name or PoI name then likely fuzzy match as an exact match could be frustrating for users if they’re not 100% sure

User stories:
As a user navigating the Decentraland map I want to be able to easily find the location by searching a co-ord or name so that I don’t have to drag and click around the map and it’s much more efficient

As a builder I want users to be able to more easily find my location without them knowing the co-ord so that I can drive more traffic to my estate