Wearable dispenser

I would like distribute for free some wearables during my events and I don’t want put them on the marketplace.
I am not sure of the good way to do that.
I took a look at Awesome-Repository but I can only see samples of how to sell wearable from the marketplace.
Did I miss a documentation ?

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I would create a dispenser that adds you to a list. Once the event is over, you copy all the wallet addresses and mint the wearables using Etherscan. I’m not a developer so I don’t know how to implement the dispenser, but you can do the massive minting easily.

Thanks for your suggestion but we did that before. We want now give in realtime the wearable.
I am almost done coding a NodeJs API inspired from l2-airdrop.

hello, have you figure it out how to do it realtime airdrop?

Yes i wrote a nodejs server base on the lib l2-airdrop.

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