Wallet connection for Descentraland access

Good morning to everybody.

I am trying to connect my metamask wallet to access Descentraland, and it is not possible due to the following error:

“your wallet to mainnet and click “Reload”. Details: Network mismatch NETWORK url param is not equal to the provided by Ethereum Provider (wanted: 1 actual: 56, E02)”

What could be the problem?

I would be grateful if you could help me on this matter.

Thank you all very much and have a good day!!

are you connected to the ETH network?

You have to select Etherium-Network in your wallet.
[Creating a Metamask wallet for Decentraland - YouTube] (Creating a Metamask wallet for Decentraland - YouTube)

maybe the link helps.

Good luck :fist_right::fire::fist_left: