W251 - Josie's Wearables

  1. Collection

The “Josie” wearable collection will be an extension of my limited edition art. My work explores the crypto revolution and the emergence of the metaverse. The piece’s I am proposing are some of the most recognizable of my work.


  • Bitcoin Gasmask
  • Ethereum Gasmask
  • “Filter” shirt
  • ETH Girl Hair
  • Two items TBA
  1. Design Concepts
    I would love to explore each item with a couple of colorways if possible. So the BTC mask set of 100 broken down into 3 gold, 27 black, and 70 original
  1. Team

I will be designing, marketing, and selling everything myself, but will be hiring an artist to work with on the 3D asset creation.

  1. Purpose

The collection will be sold in the marketplace with the first 21 having a reservation structure (1 per person), and the remaining directly to market.


Hey Josie

In case you haven’t found an artist for the 3d asset creation, I’d like to offer my services.
I’ve made a bunch of wearables previously, some notables ones from the DCL launch back in february. You can check them out here: https://skfb.ly/6UJ7B

also FYI: the different colorways split wouldn’t be possible currently. Each item is minted with a 100 quantity and all have to be identical. You could however split it like this: 100 gold, 100 black, 100 original version.

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:fire: :fire: :fire: Thank you for your info!

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I just tried following you on twitter. I cant DM you but maybe you could DM me so we can start a convo?

love love love <3
can’t wait to get some

seb is the man great choice

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