W210 - Metaverse Explorer

1. Description of the Collection

Metaverse Explorer
This is the perfect collection of wearables for anyone who likes to surf the metaverse finding new things to learn, for those explorers thirsty for new adventures.

1 Hat / Hat Position System

2 Upper-body / Space Jacket, Teleporter Catpack, Universal Game Controller

3 Lower-Body / Waker Pants, Piggy Bank Wallet

4 Feet / Gravity Boots

5 Eyewear / Real Virtuality Goggles


  • Shirt ( not designed yet)
  • Black Hole Monocle

2. Design Concepts

3. Team

Juan Pablo Colasso (vrglit.ch) Visual Artist and 3D Designer
Previous work

Victoria Gonzalez Support on Fashion Design
Previous work

4. Purpose

The wearables will be sold on the Decentraland marketplace

Also would like to reserve a small amount of special edition Black Hole Monocles. This edition will be sold separately with a handcrafted physical wearable (also tokenized and NFC tagged). This is the first of a collection of physical wearables and gadgets that aims to alter visual perception of the real world through different types of optic effects.

If you want to see more about this atoms stuff, in the “previous work” link you can find a video of the first functional prototype with no details in the enclosure and no optic filters.

Hope you all like it.

Any feedback will be appreciated.


Very different and unique. Reminds me of Ash Ketchum & Pikachu :slight_smile:

I am in


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