W198 - DappCraft: Nifty Blocksmith. Wearable proposal

Nifty Blocksmith DCL Legendary Collection

1. Description of the Collection
We are continuing our series of crypto inspired characters.

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome the Nifty Blocksmith.

Steel plant is his cradle. Fire and code were his parents. His blood is digitally scarce. Non fungible is his consciousness.

Tokenized is his body. Strong are his hands. Legendary is his suit.

Nifty BlockSmith collection will consist of 6 items:

  • Jacket - Best anti scam armor
  • Boots - These boots will leave digital footprints wherever you go
  • Trousers - Hodling you tightly
  • Helmet or Glasses
  • Two secret items

You will be very surprised what this guy can forge with his axe and melting metals.

2. Design Concepts



Avatar sketch

Render in 3dsmax

Testing in-world (without avatar)

3. Team
The DappCraft team has already had experience in creating Moon Miner collection and now we have invited a new designer to pass him our experience and create a collection with him.

4. Purpose
This collection is planned to be distributed in raffles and with vouchers / boxes which can be bought at our partners capsules locations. Can’t tell you more detailed explanation now as we are still developing mechanics and final concept.

5. Other
Final look will be different. We are working on giving this guy a more brutal look.
As he works in very hot conditions and sometimes melting metal splits all over the place.

In the beginning This collection was considered to become a mythic one, but we decided to create something new and really really mythic for the mythic collection and Nifty BlockSmith will become a Legend , bringing crypto light into our universe together with his brothers in arms.


Your Moon Miner was a huge success. I can vouch for your design.

Whatever you guys do I am in. :slight_smile:


Thanks JasonX! I hope further better

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This collection has always been the cover of Dappcraft - we look forward to)

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Not sure if plausible (know they were working on interactivity), but consider exploring whether you could make the helmet face retractable with a HOTKEY.

Same idea goes for changing the colors of the lights on the gear - switch between ROYGBIV color palette.

What do you mean? I don’t quite understand

can’t wait for this drop!